About Us

Joanne and Ivan have made Esoteric Disciplines their hobby. Both are F.I.R.E. Certified Firewalking Instructors. They also pioneered the ‘Painless, Effortless and Natural Birthing Method‘ and Ivan wrote a book by the same title. Their children were born at home. Joanne and Ivan have co-authored an eBook ;‘Your Home & Body Toxic Alert’, and Ivan has published  ‘Transcendental Rebirthing’, the powerful personal development method we offer certification for. Followed by  ‘SuperConscious Meditation‘, ’33 Pillars of Life’, ‘SkyGates of the Mind‘ and presently on a book with a working title ‘Scalar PointHolding’.

Ivan is international lecturer who speaks and presents workshops on various subjects; including Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, Transcendental Rebirthing, Firewalking, Scalar Pointholding, and other subjects related to extraordinary personal development. He also presents motivational and human potential seminars.

Joanne and Ivan live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.