12 Points on Oxygen Therapy

Written and Compiled by Dr John Whitman Ray N. b., M.D. (M.A.)

1. The focus of attention has been placed on environmental issues internationally. This is a positive step forward. It has been my personal concern that environmental issues begin at home and with something as close as our personal body. An individual cannot think properly, cannot reason clearly, cannot act rationally while his own personal body is contaminated with environmental chemicals, pesticides, pollutions of indescribable numbers and improper diet. Therefore the following is only one of many issues that require our attention – this issue is oxygen.

2. We are living today in a chemically oriented society. The vast majority of people are adversely affected every day by chemical poisons. More then 3000 chemicals are added to our food. Over 700 chemicals can be found in city drinking water. Thousands of pesticides are added to the soil every year. There are toxins in the atmosphere, petrochemicals, toxic cosmetics, etc. There are medical drugs which the body in its weakened condition is incapable of metabolizing and eliminating such as tranquillizers, pain control pills, diet and sleeping pills, arthritis medication, allergy pills, anesthetics, headache medication etc. ad nauseam. There are street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, angel dust, amphetamines. Then there are the nicotine, caffeine and the most abused drug of all, alcohol. All of these play a major role in the biochemical causes of stress, helping to create the biochemically stressed personality. Chemical residue from these substances can cause severe personality changes. Through simple contact or prolonged use people have literally poisoned their systems. They suffer from chronic cellular toxicity. These people behave irrationally when poisoned, experiencing everything from life as an emotional roller coaster to hostility and paranoia.

3. Psychological therapy does not help a person make significant progress when they are suffering from chemical toxicity. A proper diet is not enough once one has contaminated cells. It is necessary to begin treatment by initiating a consistent and determined detoxification process. The biochemical personality requires a nutrient saturation of enzymes, a broad range of colloidal minerals, a complete complex of amino acids or protein which is derived from uncooked food, essential fatty acids, and vitamins from natural foods. Most important the body needs to be oxygenated properly before any gains can be expected. It is possible to restore a chemically affected individual back to a healthy, natural state by a thorough removal of these poisons. This process of healing is accelerated by the application of Body Electronics which promotes healing by restoring the nerve supply and circulation to the body that the nutrient saturation may reach the cells of the body that they may detoxify.

4. These toxic chemicals lodge in the fat tissues, in the lymphatic system and create a sluggish elimination. They in turn generate free radicals causing cell damage, aging, while inhibiting the body’s ability to assimilate the nutrient saturation we have mentioned. These toxins have a detrimental psychological effect on one’s emotions causing many various reactions such as confusion, doubt, pessimism, an inability to think clearly, dulled perception, indifference, and forgetfulness, to name a few of the many symptoms. These toxins create Unbalances in the body’s energy system making one prone to stress and disease. In drug abuse cases, it is certain that chemical residue stimulates further drug use in an attempt to reduce fatigue and toxic reactions.

5. At the present time let us focus on the Oxygen crisis.

a. Over 1\3 of the Earth’s surface is unusable, non-producing desert land.

b. The USA consumes more oxygen than any other country.

c. Oxygen is generated in large part by the process of photosynthesis from our forests. Tree cover is a main indicator of the Earth’s health, as it furnishes oxygen for us to breath. I I million hectares of forest are being cleared each year. India has lost more than 30% of its greenery. Air pollution and acid rain are killing much of the forests in North America. Degraded soil chemistry where minerals have been depleted makes replanting impossible. Soil microbes cannot live in mineral deficient soil.

d. A human being must use 500 – 700 litres of oxygen in a 24- hour period to stay healthy. An adult uses 1/3 ton of oxygen every year. If we add the oxygen consumption of our modem convenience appliances, this brings the oxygen use to 6 tons per person, per year.

e. Burning 10 gallons of petrol will consume approximately 23 kilograms of oxygen; enough to supply a human being with oxygen for 3 weeks.

f. The USA leads the world in fossil fuel emissions; there is an output of 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. It would require 7-14 billion acres of trees to offset these emissions just for the United States alone.

g. Approximately 90% of the body’s energy. is created by oxygen. All body activities, from brain function to elimination, are regulated by oxygen. The ability to think, feel and act comes from the energy created by oxygen. The best way to optimize health is to oxygenate every cell in our body.

h. One of the many reasons for a lack of oxygen is our polluted atmosphere. 200 years ago, the air was composed of an estimated 38% oxygen and approximately 290 parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide. Today, it is less than 19.6% oxygen and approximately 380 ppm carbon dioxide. Many reasons such as planet deforestation, demineralized soil, chemical and autopollutants, have contributed to the present condition. There is less energy in our system due to oxygen deprivation to produce the vital metabolic energy to survive healthy and well. It is vitally important that we consider increasing our intake of oxygen in conjunction with appropriate nutrients.

i. Dr. Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Laureate, was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer. He said “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (lacking inoxygen) cell respiration.” In other words, the growth of cancer cells is initiated by a relative lack of oxygen. Cancers cannot live in an oxygen-fich environment.

j. Dr. Harry Goldblatt whose findings were published in the “Journal of Experimental Medicine” determined that the lack of oxygen plays a major role in causing cells to become cancerous.

k. Dr. Albert Wahl said, “Disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to the accumulation of toxins. These toxins ordinarily are burned in normal metabolic functioning.”

1. Dr. Wendell Hendricks of the Hendricks Research Foundation wrote: “Cancer is a condition within the body where the oxidation has become so depleted that transfusion. There are 10,000 known victims of Hepatitis “C” in New Zealand alone due to blood transfusions. All these can be helped now as well as those with Hepatitis “A” and “B”.

t. All hostile microorganisms require lower oxygen levels than the body’s cells require to remain healthy. Boosting the oxygen level within the body revitalizes normal cells while killing virus and other pathogens. Various physicians have independently discovered ozone to be effective against cancer, leukemia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, arterial circulation disorders, colitis, gum disease, and assorted children’s diseases. Much information can be found in Medical Applications of Ozone available from the International Ozone Association, 83 Oakwood Terrace, Norwalk CT 06850.

u. Dr. S. Rilling of Stuttgart and Dr. Renate Viebahn of Iffexheim are among growing numbers of physicians who have obtained similar results using ozone with their patients. The AIDS virus is eventually totally destroyed by the use of Ozone therapy.

v. At the Syracuse, NY, university Hospital Research Facilities, Dr. Bernard Poiesz has proven that the proper amounts of ozone administered correctly, have achieved a 100% kill ratio of AIDS viruses, both within and outside of the cells, without harming any normal cells. More than ten replications of the same study have been completed.

w. A Book that must be obtained to explain the up to date methods of oxygen therapyisOxygenTherapies,byEdMcCabe,obtainedfromEnergyPublications, 99-RD 1, Morrisville, NY 13408, USA.

6. It appears that various treatments are available for Oxygen Therapy. In the attached pages Medizone provides a unique and proven method which is available and has a proven success rate. It is suggested that every avenue be looked into for the provision of equipment of this nature, in view of current international conditions regarding the AIDS virus. For example, at the present time in excess of 40% of the entire population of Zaire has AIDS. This is not unlike the rest of Africa, as the reports from Mali, Uganda, Kenya, etc. are similar, if not more alarming.

7. It has been well established that AIDS directly affects the Central Nervous System. AIDS dementia is the result of this affliction resulting in loss of brain tissue, resulting in paranoia, abnormal behavior, unstable mentality, confusion in sound judgment, emotional instability, etc… It has been established through brain scans that 50% of those with HIV positive diagnosis are suffering from AIDS dementia and 90% of those with symptoms of AIDS are suffering from AIDS dementia. Hopefully, those in char-e of decision making in economics and politics will not come in contact with war making policies. What can be expected is more and more civil unrest due to sickened minds. What can be expected is more and more error in human thinking affecting government and the lives of populations around the globe.

8. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It would be suggested that every avenue be pursued to acquire equipment which would be used conventionally until diagnosis would indicate the need for specific treatment of such devastating illness.