Hormone Mimickers

The magic that is life begins with a single fertilized egg cell whigh divides again and again, creating new cells. In turn these cells, differentiate into various kinds of cells, thereby creating a brain, eyes, fingers, and so on. These processes are controlled by hormones. It the job of the hormones to give detailed instructions to cells – when to grow, how to grow and what to grow. They communicate astoundingly low, concentrations. Environmental “hormones” in minuscule concentrations are able to scramble natural hormone messages, wreaking biological havoc. Many industrial chemical behave like natural hormones and trick the body into responding accordingly. In other cases they block the action of natural hormones. When the messages are scrambled during critical periods of human development (i.e. in the womb) the consequences are devastating and life-long.

Here is a partial list of gender bending, hormone mimicking chemicals that are known to have hormone-disrupting activities:

Melathion – an insecticide commonly used for mosquito control, organochlorine pesticides, most of 108 types of PCB dioxins, and furans, alkylphenols, widely used in detergents, paints, herbicides, and cosmetics.

Many chemicals found in plastics, hexachlorobenzene, fungicides, and tributylin compounds used in most antifouling paints.

Your home is probably full of items made out of plastics right from children’s toys to food containers. So they must be safe! Are they really?

Research indicates that even such innocent action as playing with plastic beach ball could affect your health adversely. Chronic organochlorine exposure can cause hormone disruption, infertility, immune system damage, learning disabilities, behavioral changes, skin, kidney, and liver damage, changes in the level of various enzymes and, of course, cancer.

Pesticide by-products, plastic components, red dye #3 and a huge range of other chemical compounds have been shown to bind to -estrogens (female sex hormone), inside cells and thereby block the hormone’s signals. Only recently, it has been shown that testosterone and other male hormones – androgens – are even more sensitive to manmade chemical interference. These pollutants are both estrogenic and androgenic. These chemicals also interfere with .thyroid hormones, which orchestrate the sequence of steps required for normal brain development. By altering thyroid hormones levels in the womb these compounds irreversibly alter brain development.

Synthetic chemicals in the environment are throwing off the delicate hormonal balance of the animal kingdom and the evidence is mounting quickly that the same thing is happening to humans. Genital cancers and abnormalities, prostate cancers, undecended testicles, miniature penises, breast cancers, immune system disorder and various other birth defects are being linked to synthetic “hormones” in the environment.

The amount of estrogen needed to feminize a human embryo essentially turning a baby boy into a girl, is less, for example, than one drop of gin into 700 railroad cars of tonic water.

Thousands upon thousands of these manmade chemicals now enter our environment through agricultural, industrial and household use. To complicate the matters, these chemicals react with each other synergistically to produce seemingly infinite number of compounds. about which we know little or nothing.

Hormone disrupting chemicals have caused the development of tiny penises in alligators in Florida’s Lake Apopka. Great Lakes fish, birds and mammal populations are suffering from thyroid troubles. Incidences of human thyroid disorders are on a sharp rise.

Spring 1998 – Chinese doctors report operating on a man with three tongues. Somewhere in Southern USA a pig is born with two snouts and three eyes.

What is it going to take before we open our eyes? There are toxins out there strong enough to mess up the gender of animals and humans. Swimming in the waters of the Great Lakes are salmon with both male and female reproductive organs. Incidences of boys born with miniscule penises are increasing rapidly.

These hormone disrupters get into our bodies through air, drinking water and food. Various pesticides and herbicides are applied directly to the food we eat. Dioxins, for example, are emitted into the air form metal smelting, and into the water by chlorine bleaching of pulp and paper industry. These endocrine disrupters mimic natural hormones and sabotage animal and human fertility, de-rail their sexual development and create hermaphroditic animals (and an increasing number of humans) that are neither male nor female.

In 1992 Danish research showed the average sperm count of men worldwide had declined about 50% between 1940 and 1990. Not only has the sperm count gone down, but also the mobility of sperm.

In 1997 an international panel of scientists warned that the future of human society may be at stake. Man-made chemicals are affecting development of human brain and contributing to attention deficit and hyperactivity in children, I.E.D. (Intermittent Explosive Disorder), learning problems, seizures and brain tumors. World wide decrease in intelligence and increase in behavioral disorders can change the character of human societies.

Many others chemicals contribute to the increase in hormone mimickers in our environment. During the manufacturing of household cleaning products, Nonyhlphenol Ethoxylates (NPE’s) end up in our waterways where they break down into highly toxic endocrine disrupter nonylphenol. To control weeds and pests, farmers spray their crops. Some fruits, including apples (apple a day’.?) are sprayed on a weekly basis from flowering to harvest. Cities spray their parks, roadsides, public and private lawns and golf courses, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, hospital cafeterias, food stores and bakeries, schools, apartment buildings, and nursing homes. Phenoxyacid herbicides, commonly known as 2-4-D and 2-4-5-T (when proportionately mixed make up Agent Orange are used in control of broad leaf “weeds”. They have been proven to cause Leucopenia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Once in the body PCB’s DDT’s and many pesticides are not easely metabolized or excreted. They can linger in the body for decades. We now have 400-500 measurable chemicals in our tissues that were not found in anyone’s bodies before 1940.

Excerpt from “Your Home And Body Toxic Alert” (40 page booklet) by Joanne & Ivan Kos