19-year-old Henry Miller – a gap-year student from Bristol – died in Colombia after taking part in a shamanic ceremony. The papers are reporting that he died after drinking a “drug” called yage, which is actually just another name for ayahuasca, a plant that – among South America’s indigenous tribes – is brewed with another […]

Books by Ivan Kos

You can find these eBooks on Smashwords, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Flipkart, Inktera, Kobo, OverDrive, Scribid and Txtr. #1- “Painless, Effortless and Natural Birthing Method” Painless, effortless and natural birth delivery is Mother Nature’s and God’s given gift to every pregnant woman on this planet. Let me make clear one thing. This book […]


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Straight-Forward Books

One way of learning is from books, which are really frozen thoughts of the people who wrote them. Often in the past, “Spiritual Knowledge” was heavily veiled underneath allegory, metaphor, cipher, etc. One had to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We would like to recommend several straight-forward books that come to […]

Metaphorical Books

Note: Read these books with an “inner eye”. The Nag Hammadi Library James McConkey Robinson, Richard Smith, Coptic Gnostic Library Project Initiation -Elisabeth Haich A Night of Serious Drinking -Rene Daumal The Divine Pymander -Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus The Virgin of the World -Hermes (Trismegistus.), Edward Maitland Maitland, Anna Bonus Kingsford The Desatir -Fīrūz Ibn-Kāwus Tibetan […]


Baraka (1992) Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) Circle of Iron (1978) Excalibur (1981) Groundhog Day (1993) Jacob’s Ladder (1990) Ladyhawke (1985) The Seventh Seal (1957) The Last Wave (1977) Like Water for Chocolate (1992) Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979) The Holy Mountain (1973) Zardoz (1974) The Matrix (1999) What Dreams May Come (1998) The Imaginarium […]