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#1- “Painless, Effortless and Natural Birthing Method”

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Painless, effortless and natural birth delivery is Mother Nature’s and God’s given gift to every pregnant woman on this planet.
Let me make clear one thing. This book is not for everyone. It should be, but it isn’t.

If you think that you can eat lousy food, be in bad physical shape, smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, be an emotional wreck, and still expect to have painless, effortless and natural birthing experience, you are kidding yourself.
This book is for those women who have enough wisdom to understand the natural intent.

“Natural childbirth is best defined by the childbirth in which no physical, chemical or psychological condition is likely to disturb the normal sequence of events or disrupt the natural phenomena of bringing forth newborns.”- Grantly Dick –Read

#2- “ Your Home and Body Toxic Alert”

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As a human being and a citizen of planet Earth you have some of the most basic rights:
1. Right to live.
2. Right to breathe pure air.
3. Right to drink pure water.
4. Right to eat natural and uncontaminated food.

If you cannot breathe pure air, drink pure water and eat pure food anywhere on this planet, how can you claim to be free?

#3- “Transcendental Rebirthing”

TR coverTranscendental Rebirthing (TR) is a breath method, based on Pranayama techniques of ancient India. I consider TR to be one of the safest and most powerful personal development methods on the planet.
The purpose of this book is to push rebirthing one step further; to improve the method and adjust it to the needs of modern man.
There are several varieties of rebirthing. Transcendental Rebirthing

#4 – “33 Pillars of Life”

Corridor, Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India


This book could be your guide; it could turn your life around in a new and exciting direction. It will take you from where you are to where you want to be. It will enable you to reprogram your life. Principles presented will form a solid foundation under your feet. It explores True Love, True Happiness and nature of Existence. There are many thing that we just take for granted. Get ready to be shocked!


#5 – “SuperConscious Meditation”

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Every coin, be it physical, energetic, emotional , or spiritual has three sides to it. Great majority of people have a hard time digesting the idea that truth also has three sides that are equally true at the same time. Normally we think in duallistic therms. To make a sense of this world,especially when on path of personal development, we need to embrace triune thinking. This book takes a serious look at the third side of the coin.


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In a dream world always aim for the highest, and seemingly most difficult, and most elusive goal. This will automatically take care of the lesser stuff. There are many categories in which our minds are restricted by previous beliefs; like size, quantity, quality, speed, accomplishment, transformation, emanation, journey, seeing, hearing, feeling, taste and all our senses including the paranormal, and all experiences. We can change the size in a dream we can become small like an insect or even like a bacterium, or as large as we wish. Take one object in a dream and transform it into thousands using awareness. Navigate the dream rather than be driven; dream rather than let yourself be a dreamt. We can change our emotions in a dream when you’re angry change the emotion to love. It’s only energy we have attached the meaning to. That energy we can easily change. The qualities of fear jealousy, anger, greed and helplessness in dreams can be changed. All negative emotions are not helpful; all of them can be changed, transformed, and transmuted. Changing the emotions inside the dream enables you to change your emotions in waking life. Often we can change the speed of the dream, we can slow things down to a slow-motion, or we can visit hundred places in one minute. The only boundaries in a dream or the boundaries in your imagination. Whatever we cannot accomplish in our life, we can accomplish in a dream, plus thousand times more. We can practice anything.

If the dream is of minute objects, first transform them into the large object; or if it is or large object transform it into the small object. If a dream is of single thing transform it into many things, or if it is a of many things, the dreamer shall transform it into one thing. As you develop consciousness inside your dream, you can produce any change you wish. Potential of that skill is truly limitless. The ability to transform the images and impose changes upon the dream should be regardless of whether the images are threatening or not. Dreamer must raise his consciousness to a level high enough to remember in a dream that the fearful image cannot hurt you unless you let it. If your consciousness inside your dream state is high enough, you can dispose of a fear of any dream image, and be able not to be sucked in by any Angelic ones. All images create corresponding chemistry…