TR. July1/2014

Transcendental Rebirthing is another excellent process for assisting the body to clear unresolved trauma at the cellular level.

Joanna Shandro, Psychologist

Transcendental Rebirthing- March23, 2014

Ivan’s up-front personality is a great complement to his work, and provided me with comfort during the experience.

The workshop helped immerse me in a greater awareness of myself, and with further exposures I plan to increase the continuity of that awareness. I feel safe with you Ivan.

Heather Burger, Edmonton

Transcendental Rebirthing; June/8/2013

Ivan has a charming way of connecting and sharing his gifts. He delivers professionally, and has a way of speaking his truth in a no BS kind of way, yet with an inviting sense of safety to his participants.-Kumooja (Marc Shackman) ,Peru


A quantum experience, a paradigm for a new direction.- Don Stein


 Transcendental Rebirthing, February 2004

I enjoyed the process; my experience was one of having many interesting specific points.- Gleb Gladwin, USA


Ivan explained everything very well. He is very interesting person and serious about teaching. Workshop was excellent. When is a next one!- Christina,Edmonton

December 11/2004-Rebirthing.

Ivan, thank you for being my guide. I thought I would never make it through the breathing. I very definitely want to attend more workshops.- Linda Ferro


July 25/1998-Rebirthing

Excellent, very informative & interesting. The meditative part was very well executed and gentle. I would very much like to know of any future seminars and courses you might be having. I could bring several interested people.- Reina Proudfoot

 July 25/1998-Rebirthing

Ivan, you make a class a very easy step for a beginner, so I did not feel any apprehension. You brought energy out of people. Workshop was great because it is so very versatile in ages. Good amount of time was provided to share everyone’s experience.- Doug Jardin

 April 18/1998-Rebirthing

Excellent. A beautiful expansion with each workshop. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and have grown spiritually.- Melanie

May 1994-Firewalking

Ivan Kos is an honest, loving, compassionate, powerful leader. His integrity is unquestionable, as well as his knowledge and ability to create a safe space for the opening of one’s heart. He is intense, disciplined, highly motivated and heart centered. He is exceptional and it was a privilege to work with him.- Laurence Craig – Green, Poet- publisher, author of 17 published books of poetry. Owner of Poet Tree Press, Orland, Main, USA

 April 1994- Firewalk

Ivan is powerful instructor .Very intense, yet at the same time very gentle.- Evy Paulson,Sweden

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