Short History Firewalking was present throughout the entire human history. : Kalahari Kung “boil” the NUM (Ki,Chi, Prana, Mana,Life force) by pushing the dancing to the limit. They say when the energy of the NUM is equal to the energy of the fire, the fire will not burn the body. The Kung enter the state […]

Transcendental Rebirthing

Rebirthing is the fastest growing personal development technique in the world. Over 14 million people have used various rebirthing methods. This safe and powerful breathing process releases stress, tension and negative emotional programming from the body, freeing it so that a person can live to his/hers highest potential. Abundance of energy is the key to […]

Life-Force Meditation

“Anything that can be said cannot be true” -Lao-tze When a child is born his/hers consciousness is totally open. Everything is coming in and nothing is excluded. Just look at newborn’s eyes how open they are, how sound moves them, they are open to every sensation. To survive a child needs to learn to concentrate, […]

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is also known as Holy, Yogic or Conscious Dreaming. It is a type of dream in which you are fully aware that you are dreaming, you are not at the mercy of a dream situation and you have at least some freedom of action. In ordinary dreaming it is a dream that controls […]


Tratak is a form of gazing at a mirror, object or another person’s eyes with intense but relaxed concentration without blinking, for a long period of time. When the whole consciousness is centered in the eyes the mind has no energy left and thinking stops automatically.(freeing more energy that is continuously used for “thinking”) In […]

Body Electronics

“Contempt prior to complete investigation will¬†enslave a man to ignorance.” – Anonymous The following is a guide to aid the individual to understand the basic concepts of Body Electronics with the express intent that the most favorable results be obtained in the time expended. The individual is encouraged to maintain a persistent and consistent course […]

Scalar Pointholding

I have coined a term Scalar Pointholding roughly three years before I knew that Body Electronics existed. Scalar( to honor Nikola Tesla) pointholding is based on several techniques I have used previously in many public workshops. #1 Internal Smile A Chi Kung technique of smiling to your internal organs and to yourself internally. This is […]

Primordial Zikr

  Some people might object to me calling this technique a Zikr. So here is my take on it. It is true that all Zikr chant sentences have a meaning to them. But I have called my Zikr PRIMORDIAL. Primates used vowels and frequencies within them to communicate with each other. They did, and still […]