Body Electronics

“Contempt prior to complete investigation will enslave a man to ignorance.” – Anonymous

The following is a guide to aid the individual to understand the basic concepts of Body Electronics with the express intent that the most favorable results be obtained in the time expended. The individual is encouraged to maintain a persistent and consistent course of activity in Body Electronics, that the desired benefits of physical health, emotional well being and peace of mind may be eventually obtained. Ponder and pray upon each of the following concepts as it is necessary to understand and apply each of them that Body Electronics may be effective and not relegated to a mechanical method played upon the physical body.

1. Body Electronics, when properly applied, is done in a quiet, loving atmosphere, permeated with gentleness and patience, with commitment on the part of all concerned to professionalism and confidentiality, and encompassed with mutual trust, concern and discretion. Body Electronics is applied in an exact, systematic, methodical manner which should rarely be deviated from in order to obtain satisfactory and lasting results.

Body Electronics is a method of sustained acupressure which requires an understanding of nutritional preparation, anatomical structure, physiological function, emotional interactivity, and mental processes within a framework of what is known as the “Healing Crisis.”

2. Body Electronics requires an understanding of the “Healing Crisis.” Hering’s Law of Cure has been accepted for many years as the basic underlying definition of the “healing Crisis.” This concept has been accepted by Natural Health Practitioners the world over including Chiropractic Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Homeopathic Physicians, Herbalists, Iridologists and a host of other valid natural healing modalities.

Hering’s Law of Cure

“All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared.”

Since the introduction of Body Electronics to the world, a new explanation concerning the “Healing Crisis” has been necessary.

The Law of Healing Crisis – John Whitman Ray

“A healing crisis will occur only when an individual is ready both physiologically and psychologically. The basic foundation for all healing crisis is nutritional preparedness. A healing crisis (cure) will begin from within out, in reverse order chronologically as to how the symptoms have appeared, tempered by the intensity of the trauma. The individual will have the opportunity to re-experience each trauma, both physiological and psychological, beginning with the trauma of least severity. It must be recognized that traumas involving emotions, which include all traumas, will be released in order beginning with unconsciousness, then apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and eventually enthusiasm(love), in conjunction with the appropriate word patterns for each emotion and thought patterns (sensory memory) which are accessible at each level. Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are the keys to apply to transmute any resistance at any level once these resistances are brought to view through the application of the Laws of Love, Light and Perfection.

Amplification of the above concepts is found in Book One of the “Logic in Sequence” series.

3. Body Electronics can best be explained initially by a physical demonstration in the physics laboratory. When a crystal is compressed it emits an energy and/or electric current which can be measured by sensitive instrumentation. This energy or electrical current is known as the piezoelectric effect. In the human body there are formations of crystals in various acupressure points or reflex points or along the spine and elsewhere in the physical body. These crystals or calcifications are found within joints or in injury throughout the body and in the cranial sutures. As each crystal is compressed using specific Body Electronics technology, the crystal slowly dissolves and releases an energy which can be experienced by the pointholder as well as the pointholdee. These energies will be explained in point twelve.

In Body Electronics, one person or the pointholdee may have from one to many pointholders. One person among the pointholders is appointed or chosen by the pointholdee to be a facilitator who will inquire from time to time as to what is occuring. One who is the facilitator will encourage the pointholdee from time to time to reexperience on the mental level all memories and traumas as if they were occuring in the everpresent now.

It is important that one leave pointholding without a time limit.

Pointholding should be open ended. One can take from one hour to five hours to complete a good pointholding. One and a half to two hours is the average time but there are exceptions. If pointholding is open ended it relieves one of stress or anxiety concerning time limits. Thus, one can relax and pay close attention to the “healing crisis” as it evolves. This open ended time element makes it difficult for professionals engaged in the healing arts to plan oprganized appointments. Therefore, the success of a good pointholding program is dependent upon people helping people rather than depending on a “therapist” from any existing healing modality. People must learn to be individually responsible and learn to help themselves. This is difficult for money oriented therapists or health professionals, who create dependency relationships with their patients, to tolerate.

An atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm is desirable to be maintained during pointholding but not to the degree of distracting the individual from placing attention on the traumas and resistances which appear to the consciousness of the pointholdee as the crystal dissolves upon the sustained pressure of the pointholder. It must be understood that the pointholder may be going through a healing crisis while one is “holding” points. This should be handled in a like manner until the pointholding is complete and the healing crisis is over.

Let us now consider the concept of the everpresent now. The understanding of the everpresent now is a difficult concept for some to accept or understand due to the fact that all mankind to one degree or another is caught up in the lifestream of continual activity which catches the attention of the individual.

This catching of the attention by outer activity can be thought of as trapped attention wherein one ceases to recognize that all outer activity is the outer manifestation of inner essence. It is important to fully understand the powerful biblical concept: “As a man thinketh, in his heart, so is he.” With this in mind after pondering and prayer the candid and reflective mind will begin to understand the healing crisis as the body mechanism begins to repair itself through the change of consciousness of the individual. Thought is senior to substance. Substance does not construct thought as substance is present for the purpose of being acted upon by intelligence. Thought controls and determines the structure of substance. One will eventually understand that the only creative forces in the universe are thought (sensory experience), feelings (emotionality) and the spoken word (verbal expressions in word and thought). These three, thought, feeling and spoken word we must learn how to master. The mastery of Body Electronics in its fullest expression encompasses the Laws of Love, Light and Perfection which are explained in the Logic in Sequence Series. This is one path an individual may choose to follow on the pathway of individual self-realization or enlightenment. Nothing is ever gained without spiritual seeking which is a distinct mental attitude composed of will and determination — a focused intent. Nothing is ever gained without a specific asking, which is a direct verbal request for that which one desires from a spiritual source. Nothing is ever obtianed without knocking, which is a physical act of doing all one can do to keep those laws and principles of a universal nature which give life and light to the physical body. These laws and principles are the laws of God. Faith and belief is not enough. Faith without works is dead. Faith without appropriate obedience to the laws of God is to no avail.

The facilitator must never ask a person why. In reality one does not really know why one reacts. The question “why?” is meaningless and therefore must be deleted from meaningful questioning or responsible guidance. The conscious mind can manufacture a multitude of of reasons or justifications why one did something but the simplicity of the entire matter is that a reaction stems from suppressed programming which may even be a genetic inheritance. Ask the individual what is happening now, where is it happening, when is it happening?

Only work within a framework of reality and certainty in this life, with this body and do not encourage one to put one’s attention on speculation or fantasy.

All that is necessary to master is in this life now. Please remember that the avoidance of reality is disguised in a number of marvelous ways. The facilitator should always encourage the pointholdee to reexperience all traumas or experience in the everpresent now since all memories were at one time experienced in the everpresent now, and they were resisted in the everpresent now.

The facilitator must remember that he/she is not the psychiatrist who probes. The facilitator encourages the pointholdee to be discrete and to discipline oneself to experience all things on the mental level while disciplining the physical body by holding the body relatively still. The facilitator should encourage one to hold the voice still and to breath deep and regular. One must be patient, kind and gentle regarding these matters as one is not immediately the epitome of self-discipline and it will take some time to learn to master these things. One must remember that little is gained by venting one’s emotion and to reactively flip and flop around like a fish out of water.

To be productive as one will learn from experience, all these emotions and memories must be experienced on the mental level within a framework of self-discipline of body, emotions and mind.

It must be stressed that some people are unstable and should not be ” treated” with Body Electronics. Do not be too quick to help an individual until you have some understanding of their past. If they are on medication, leave them on that medication and under no circumstances remove them from that medication but let the need be ascertained by the Medical practitioner who is skilled in his field. Remember: Overzealousness must be tempered with caution and wisdom. Know the nature of the individual you desire to serve.

4. In the human body a “crystal” or calcification can be compared to a computer chip or microchip. In reality, a crystal in the human body is an “organic computer chip” full of stored memory. This memory is gradually released which is then reexperienced by the individual, which is called healing crisis. Healing crisis has been defined in point two. This suppressed memory can be the result of physical or emotional trauma wherein resistance to an experience of life has occurred. If these crystals are genetically inherited then they will have some form of genetic memory stored within the crystal. A sustained pressure is exerted in a specific manner during this entire process until it is complete. This shall briefly be described later.

Regarding the sustained acupressure, one should first of all be sure that the finger nails are clippped short or are not penetrating the skin during pointholding. The pain from a fingernail is unnecessary and distracting and can be damaging to the skin. The hands should be washed and clean prior to pointholding. One should never apply pressure on a point or crystal or calcification to the degree one is traumatized. If a body part is without innervation or is numb one may not feel pain, thus heavy acupressure will not be productive and one may unknowingly traumatize the tissue under heavy pressure.

This is one major concern to guard against. One should keep the pressure sustained on the point that one can be kept on the brink of being able to lovingly and willingly endure the pain. Remember: One is not causing pain when pressing gently on a pressure point, one is releasing carefully the suppressed pain which is encoded in the crystal. It may be interesting to note that when one lovingly and willingly endures the pain in a given area of concern, all anger, fear, grief, apathy, and unconsciousness are rapidly transmuted by the pain, while the pain is being transmuted by loving enthusiasm.

It may be important to point out that one realize while applying pressure on the point that the pointholder will not usually feel the numbness, pain, heat, cold, electricity, throbbing, etc., until the pain for the pointholdee is being experienced lovingly and willingly and is being in the process of being transmuted. At the time the pointholdee is free of pain then the various sensations will appear in earnest for the pointholder.

5. It is imperative to learn that one of the prime prerequisites to effective Body Electronics is to learn to “Lovingly and Willingly Endure all of the Experiences of Life.” One must be constantly aware of what is transpiring in one’s life and to look for the lesson to be learned from the universe as one patiently experiences each activity of life with non-resistance and with the spirit of unlimited gratitude. One must learn to release all patterns of resistances such as old grudges and hard feelings with unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, knowing that for the most part that people do what they are programmed to do and have very little free agency to overcome this programming that they may conduct their life in a different manner. Once we understand this we can freely forgive people for what they have done because, in essence, they really do not have a clear perception as to why they do what they do. For the most part we are all creatures of reaction and are delightful deviations from the norm.

6. In reference to point five, it is therefore always appropriate that all pointholders and pointholdees be reminded that one must never allow judgment, criticism, or condemnation to enter one’s mind toward any other person or thing.

We must all learn that what we resist in life will be drawn to us with computer-like precision. “As a man thinketh inn his heart, so is he” can be looked upon as an absolute law. If we inspect carefully our inner thoughts, putting all self-justification aside for how we act or react, we will find within ourselves the very faults which we are so quick to see in others. The faults we see in others which attract our attention should be an immediate signal to go inside and search for the error in our own thinking. This is appropriate instructions for both pointholders and pointholdees. Without question it is a difficult job to apply this instruction, yet it is far better to be the master of one’s self than to conquer an enemy on the battlefield of war.

7. To fully understand the depth of effectiveness that Body Electronics is capable of attaining one must learn to understand the following cardinal principle: “Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical.” This is explained in depth in Chapter One of Book One of the Logic in Sequence Series. What exactly does Body Electronics do? Briefly, it restores the nerve supply to the body which enables a restoration of communication to take place between the cell and the brain. When the nerve supply is restored, then circulation to the body part affected is restored. When circulation is restored, then the nutrient saturation necessary for bodily regeneration can reach the cells and tissues.

Toxins are flushed out of the cells and the cells again regain their normal function after a “healing crisis” is experienced by the individual.

Prior to Body Electronics application which is called pointholding, one can examine the pain threshold of the pointholdee by a gentle “pinch test.” A high pain threshold indicates a degree of ennervation or lack of nerve supply. As Body Electronics is applied there will exist a restoration of nerve supply which can be evidenced by greater sensitivity or a lower pain threshold when the pinch test is applied. A low pain threshold indicating the ability to “feel” is now restored to the individual which is a desired state as it always precedes healing or regeneration of the body.

8. In order to understand the necessity of the application of individual responsibility to one’s life as one has increased memory and awareness as a result of Body Electronics, one must learn to appropriately apply the “List” to one’s life. The explanation of the “List” is thoroughly explained in Chapter Eleven of Book One in the Logic in Sequence Series.

After pointholding there is much that has not been brought to a person’s awareness which should be reflected in the “List.” The List requires constant change and revision as one works diligently toward the completion of each item on the List. Remember: We always work from simple to complex, from easy to difficult, wherein each item when completed should be acknowledged before progression to the next item on the List.

9. A requirement for the effective application of Body Electronics will be a specially designed nutritional program as determined by the Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis as designed and taught by John Whitman Ray. This diagnostic procedure will include an appropriate herbal and nutritional supplementation program as well as a defined program for the application of Body Electronics.

It is imperative to understand that a nutrient saturation program is essential for Body Electronics to be effective. When Body Electronics is effective, eventually, after several pointholdings one may experience a burning searing pain. At this time one is encouraged to breath into the pain deep and regularly as one is holding the body still. `One is reminded to Lovingly and Willingly Endure the Pain with gratitude and enthusiasm. The enthusiasm gradually transmutes the pain which in turn transmutes the suppressed anger, fear, grief, apathy and unconsciousness. Once the emotional body is transmuted one then is capable of having access to the mental body and can then discern in the area of transmuted emotionality free from the bondage of emotional reaction.

10. It is important to understand that as the crystal or calcification dissolves under the influence of the sustained acupressure, the encoded sensory experience, verbal expression, and emotionality that has been suppressed subtly or dramatically during trauma and which has been encoded or recorded in the crystal or calcification will arise to the consciousness of the individual to be mentally re-experienced. The sustained acupressure is non-traumatic, non-invasive and when applied appropriately, releases a hologram of sensory experience, verbal expressions, and gradient emotionality which is released in the following order: Unconsciousness or numbness, apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and enthusiasm. It must be understood that anything resisted forms a suppressed composite energy pattern which causes a distortion in the morphogenetic field resulting in a corresponding eventual crystallization in body tissues which have a similar resonant frequency to the suppressed hologram. The composite wave of energy from the suppressed thought, feeling and spoken word is eventually encoded in the crystal which then becomes the outer manifestation of the inner consciousness. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

11.Sustained acupressure is applied in a manner which is organized, prioritized, and sequentially designated as determined by the Iris-Sclera Integrated Diagnosis as indicated in point nine. If the procedure is followed patiently and systematically then the encoded sensory experience, verbal expressions and emotionality recorded within the crystal will arise to the consciousness of the individual to be mentally re-experienced. As one goes through consciousness change one will observe the iris fiber structure change in the corresponding indicated areas: One will see pigment change wherein brown will gradually change to blue, even dark pigment spots will lighten, decrease in size and eventually vanish from the iris. One will see specific iris markings gradually move toward the perfection of iris configuration, free from structural distortions. One will also see significant sclera markings undergo dramatic change. Remember: The eye (Iris and Sclera) is the window to the soul.

12. As the resistances are re-experienced and the sequential emotionality is released, one then moves gradually from the entrapment of the emotional body into the mental body where discernment can occur. Discernment cannot occur when one is dominated by reactive emotionality. With discernment one is then capable of gradually encompassing a series of ever increasing subtle dualities with impartiality and equanimity, releasing each time the identification with one end of the existing duality. At this time the body will experience the vibration of regeneration as the duality is encompassed. The physical body is now renewing or regenerating. The grey hair slowly returns to natural, the wrinkles slowly disappear, the body regains its elasticity, the spinal calcifications disappear and the middle age prime returns. All of this can only take place as one assumes responsibility for life and corrects or amends on the physical level for all human discord that is out of harmony with unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness.

The pointholder who holds the designated point as part of a prioritized sequence will continually sustain the pressure on the point without moving or changing fingers and will experience one or all of the following: Numbness, pain, electricity, tingling, throbbing or pulsing, heat, coldness or burning.

When all of these are completed the point is “flat” and the fingers will be as they were when first placed on the point. At this point the application of Body Electronics can come to a satisfactory end for that session.

If a systematic, non-varying cycling occurs such as heat to cool, cool to heat, heat to cool, cool to heat, etc. this is an indication that one has reached a point where the mineral supply of the body is exhausted and no further progress can be made with the dissolution of the crystals or calcifications. At this time the activity comes to an end with the admonition to increase the necessary nutrients and especially the mineral intake. Provisions are made to complete the same points another time where pointholding can resume where it left off. The experience of cycling is common and is often found where nutrient saturation is not being carefully followed.

Record should be made of points held and the date held and notes which are pertinent to the session should be required to jog further memory.

Arrangements should be made for placing oneself comfortably on the floor with mat, foam pad or cushions. If a massage table is available this could be used with benefit. The pointholders consult a chart of sequential points and proceed in order with variation as determined by indicated priorities. The facilitator instructs the pointholdee to hold the body still and breathe deeply while experiencing whatever arises to the awareness. All should be experienced with unconditional love and forgiveness. The pointholding session continues until each point is completed. If an indicated tie-in is observed on the chart, each point in the tie-in is to be held simultaneously until all points complete at the same time.

One person is capable of holding points with excellent results. It appears that more progress is obtained with more people holding points with dedicated intent simultaneously. There are occasions when it is preferable form one person to hold one specified point, such as found in Cranial Electronics. The mechanics of the process involved cannot be adequately explained here as it is experiential rather than intellectual in its scope. Once one experiences the process then one will understand, wherein all the words in the world cannot explain the process as one grasps the causative factors of the inner essence. It is like trying to capture a wisp of wind in the hand and trying to preserve it forever, it cannot be done. As we grasp and apply the fundamentals we eventually self-realize that the physical body and the environment around us reflects our inner consciousness. Body Electronics in its advanced application of specific principles helps one to free himself from the self-imposed shackles from which

one has been unable to escape. One must first of all learn the application of unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness with non-resistance to all of the experiences of life and to be grateful for all that the universe serves up on our plate.

Through the teachings of Body Electronics, it is imperative to recognize that we will eventually understand that we have drawn to ourselves by the law of attraction all that which we have resisted. Every thought is meaningful. We reap what we have sown, therefore we must be careful of every thought, word and deed. We now have the opportunity to undo all of our indiscretions and place ourselves by choice, in harmony with Universal Law.

As love encompasses all emotionality, allowing the transmutation of the resisted thought, feeling and spoken word, we observe a profound effect on the

morphogenetic field. The morphogenetic field is determined by thought and in turn determines the structure of the body and of all living things and the structure of the universe itself. When this love transmutes all resistance on the level of emotionality, then there is a morphogenetic field change and the DNA of the body changes. At the same time all related DNA substance goes through a corresponding change. The human body and related bodies experience profound change through what is known as a “Healing Crisis” which results in a remission of symptomology or disease symptoms. Thus the human body returns to its perfect DNA form as expressed in the prime of life.

The physical body is the doorway to spirituality. As we master and discipline the physical (the temple of God), according to the Laws of Love, Light and Perfection, which is the first step, we then progress to the discipline and mastery of the emotional body and finally the mental body, in that order. As this is accomplished, the outer degenerative conditions of aging and disease gradually disappear and the perfection of the perfect DNA emerges.

All of this takes persistent and dedicated effort.

Each of you are now invited to discover yourself by utilizing this powerful and effective self-healing technique which is on the “cutting edge” of healing modalities in the world today.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. John Whitman Ray

Why not just bask in the multitudinous light emanations from the infinite expression of life, which is serving us by the law of attraction to show us our innermost powers. – John Whitman Ray

When practicing B.E., the physical body is first fortified nutritionally, preparing for the rigorous process of giving and receiving sustained acupressure – Point Holding. The point holding process is sequential. First by holding STO points, nerve supply and circulation, is restored. Followed by the endocrine system (heart, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals and gonads). When the endocrine system is sufficiently re-vitalized, spinal points and structural symmetry points are held. Cranial electronics is applied when the spine and human frame has been corrected whereas symmetry has been restored and the pathways of the spine are functioning effectively. After giving and receiving a minimum of 2 Cranial’s and a great deal of experience with Point Holding advanced students may attend the Visualization and Consciousness course ( ) This is a rigorous application of methods by which one practices the art of transmutation. This is for the dedicated individual interested in Self Mastery.

In the B.E. process we unlock the stored memory/emotionality/ word patterns present within the in our body as a result of past resistance/trauma. When stored trauma is brought into the Now {awareness}, it may be uncreated, transmuted with Forgiveness and Love. This freedom from the past and from the patterns with which we create, results in a clearer awareness from which to live.

“Most people are trying to get well so they can get back to doing what made them sick in the first place” – Dr. John Whitman Ray

This nutritional therapy and body electronics website is not intended to give medical advice. It only gives guidelines as to the possible process of therapy upon consultation and distinguishes this from other therapies. It does not intend in any way to divert someone from seeing their orthodox medical practitioner.

I am not making any claims with regards to what you as an individual may be able to achieve with nutritional therapy, body electronics or any other therapies listed here. Some statements on this site are the result of my experience only and cannot be scientifically verified or proven. You should reach your own conclusions as to the validity of any possible statements on the site, received in therapy or any possible beneficial effects of treatment.

Peter Hinde

Ph.D., D.N.Th, D.Iridol.

Body Electronics Instructor,UK

Although little known in the UK, Body Electronics has been developed since the 1950s by Dr. John Whitman Ray and others. It is a very powerful trauma releasing bodywork that uses pressure-points. A point is held steadily on the body, for typically 2-4 hours in each session. Points held for this extended time period usually release amongst other things aching, pain, burning, numbness, unresolved emotion and memory, and a person generally ends the session feeling more peaceful inside. Sometimes they have obvious correction to structure or function of their body.

How Body Electronics Works

If you have ever seen a bone that has healed after a break you will notice that there is extra bone growth around the area of the break. This is normally taken as “just what happens” during the healing process, and that healing is never going to be perfect. In fact this extra bone, in a crystal formation called a calcification, contains a record of the pain of the break that has not been accepted. It is a record of the resistance to the situation. An analogy would be digital memory stored on a computer chip.

If you have ever touched a liquid crystal (LCD) screen you will have seen that pressure creates differing colours. It releases “information” by what in physics is called the piezoelectric effect. When a comparable calcification in the body is pressured for long enough during a Body Electronics session of pointholding, the information it releases into awareness is a fragment of the suppressed memory, emotion and physical pain in the body. To the degree to which acceptance of this takes place, the record in the calcification itself is reduced. As a result one will see a reduction in its size and a returning to normality of the bone itself; a more complete healing.

Trauma lays down for example extra bone, in a crystal formation called a calcification. It contains a record of the pain that has not been accepted. An analogy would be digital memory stored on a computer chip.

It is not just broken bone that creates a calcified record of the resisted pain. Every time any pain, physical or emotional, is resisted (not accepted) it is entered into a crystal matrix within the body. This matrix of crystals forms at points which can be accessed through acupressure points, reflexology points, cramped fibrous muscles, scar tissue, spinal or cranial bones. A good point for treatment for a person with Body Electronics would be assessed by its level of pain when given some pressure, or by its physical abnormality (for example a displaced spinal vertebra) or those points which for example, correspond to the areas of most stress according to iridology. One of these points can then be held, with steady pressure during a Body Electronics pointholding session to release the “information” within the crystal. In fact if there are several people present, one point can be held by each person. The receiver is then guided through the memory and emotion that arises, into the beliefs connected to them, whilst being encouraged to encompass all with acceptance.

Bodily Regeneration Through Trauma Release

With Body Electronics I have personally seen release of numbness held in the body as people relive operations etc.; fast restructuring of poor posture; reduction of scar tissue (since this is a record of our own suppressions); restructuring of part of a face 20 years after accident damage; and many times reduction in calcification of the spine and other bones. The level of difficulty in this process is the level and depth of our own suppressions and beliefs.

It is not a quick fix for the faint of heart!

Someone would be assessed as to whether they are nutritionally and psychologically prepared before they enter into Body Electronics.

I have personally seen … fast restructuring of poor posture; reduction of scar tissue; restructuring of part of a face…Perhaps miracles can happen just beyond the point where our beliefs stop.

Note that these are anecdotal cases and I cannot “prove” these things nor have they been evaluated in the light of medical so called “science”. Perhaps miracles can happen just beyond the point where our beliefs stop. However, significant physical changes rarely happen to those wanting miraculous changes! “Want” is not the acceptance of the ways things are.

Reduction of Emotional Reactivity

The Kundalini Fire

The process of Body Electronics stimulates a burning sensation in the body, from the point being held, but frequently spreading to other areas also. This burning is called Kundalini in Indian traditions, and is talked about in Yoga and some meditation practices. The burning is a sign that the emotion being experienced is being removed from the body by a process of transmutation. The intensity of burning can be difficult to believe at the height of a session.

Often work that releases emotion leaves someone with the need to remove toxins from the area of the body that contained it. This is obvious with the use of, for example homoeopathy, since so many times someone will have obvious strong detoxification signs such as a fever or “flu” after taking a remedy. Transmutation differs to this in that nuclear* and chemical reactions are taking place at a highly accelerated rate. The process of transmutation occurring during emotional release in Body Electronics does not require any detoxification as harmful elements are literally changed into beneficial ones.

*Note that nuclear reactions taking place at low temperature without the release of radiation is taboo science! These types of reactions are covered in the book Biological Transmutations by the French scientist Louis Kervran. This book should leave the skeptical scientist with a few awkward questions!

The Requirement for a Supporting Nutrition Programme

When burning is experienced in a session of Body Electronics pointholding there are accelerated changes using valuable body resources. These resources must be available for the session to be productive and are only available though a good wholesome diet in someone with good digestive ability and ability to assimilate nutrients. There are some clues as to a suitable nutrition programme in the page on nutrition. In particular, sessions use enzymes and a full spectrum of minerals. In fact for some people, just taking additional enyzmes and minerals results in their body burning with the release of old suppressions! Additional enzymes can be obtained through certain foods or high quality enzyme supplements*. For mineral supplementation it is not sufficient to take isolated minerals, such as taking a magnesium or zinc supplement. To be effective in Body Electronics pointholding, the supplement needs to contain a full spectrum of 70+ minerals. This wide spectrum would otherwise only be available through intake of a wide variety of foods, as it is exceptional for any one food to contain even as many as 50+ separate mineral elements. The most effective mineral supplement that has been found to be of great benefit for someone undergoing Body Electronics pointholding sessions is from the deposit of humic shale in Utah, USA, commonly sold under the name of colloidal minerals**.

*Note that many supplements are of questionable potency and do not state the standardised enzyme activity on the label. For this reason, John Ray set up a company called Enzymes International to supply products of high enough quality to support the process. All enzymes from this source originate from the National Enzyme Company set up by the food enzyme researcher Edward Howell.

**Not all colloidal mineral supplements are in this organic form from this particular deposit and may not be safe. The minerals as supplied by Enzymes International have been used extensively in body electronics without any problems. They are the minerals of choice for pointholding.

Elimintation of Restrictive Beliefs

The word “belief” is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe. I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing, and then I know it – I don’t need to believe it. – C.G.Jung

When we look at a memory it is often very hazy or sketchy. Perhaps in the cases of early childhood, or medical operations, memory is absent altogether. This is not because “it is so long ago”, or because “I was unconscious”, but because we have emotionally and mentally resisted the experience at some level and have kept resisting ever since. If we simply cannot remember a situation it is because we have resisted it maximally. Often when we can remember something, we still only remember enough detail to justify our position as a victim.

When a belief is released connected to a memory it leaves a person in no uncertain mind about the truth. It is a state of knowing something and of greater fullness of memory. It is a state of seeing that we have clouded our own memory to convince ourselves of a lie. It could be as simple as the following example: We are angry at mother for pulling our hair and hurting us when we are a child. When the anger dissipates in a session as an adult, we see that she was pulling us away from putting our hand in the fire, which we had conveniently forgotten so we can remain white as snow and have someone to blame!

In Body Electronics we would see addition of “good beliefs” to a person, as some hypnotherapists or subliminal tape recordings would do, as merely adding a lie to a lie. Unfortunately two lies do not make a truth, they only take you further from it. For example we would not add a “positive” belief to increase a person’s self-confidence (help them lose weight or stop smoking or whatever), we would gradually release the pain connected to the cause of under-confidence. Where we may have reactively avoided situations due to this under-confidence in the past, we can now act through true choice.

…we would not add a “positive” belief to increase a person’s self-confidence, we would gradually release the pain connected to the cause of under-confidence.

Uncovering Truth Layer by Layer

The process of uncovering truths is a gradual one. Our levels of feeling are related to the level of hormones our glands can put out, and the level of sensation our nerves can feel. When we resist something, we are asking to feel it less; we are literally demanding that our nerves are numbed and our hormone glands become less functional. We could uncover a childhood memory and resolve something to a level, but then may revisit that same memory years later to uncover something new. The release of emotion from many other memories in the mean time, has increased the intensity of emotion and physical pain that we can feel in general. Unless we empty the body of the emotion connected to a memory, through unconditional acceptance, we simply cannot access the level of feeling we had prior to that incident. We are then limiting ourselves to the levels of memory (and hence truth) we can uncover.

Body Electronics is rare as a method in that it sees mental-emotional shifts going deep enough to produce physical regeneration. We have created layer upon layer of physical imperfection upon the perfect blueprint of the body, as we have resisted situations. As a layer of resistence is removed completely from the body, the corresponding physical layer is also removed, leaving us, however slightly, closer to the original perfection.

Many people coming from other disciplines find they are revisiting the same issues again in Body Electronics, because they have not cleared them completely.

Only a real emptying of resisted, non-accepted emotion and physical pain in such a way as this can regenerate nerve supplies and endocrine (hormone) glands and organ functions permanently.

Layers of emotion, pain and belief within us are endless. We can access ancestral traumas in our genetics, and sometimes memories that only make sense as being from previous lives. Why go through this process? Because all these layers of belief are all holding us back from living who we truly are.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate. -C.G.Jung

Power and Creation

Thoughts, beliefs and the attached emotions create our world. I have heard that most people who die of snake bite poisoning have been bitten by a non-poisonous snake, yet the autopsy says they have been poisoned. Why then can we try to make changes to our lives only to come across the same old people in different guises, and the same old blocks time and again? Because the world is the mirror of our inner workings, most of which we are totally oblivious to. The unconscious creative power reigns supreme over the conscious! We have very little conscious power and creativity, but we can start to change this by eliminating from the body the record of the suppressed and unconscious emotions and with it the veiled memory and beliefs. You simply cannot escape the unconscious creative power by adding new layers of suppression as most people are attempting. It is still there, still creating, still weaving its web.

We are what we think; as we desire so do we become! By our thoughts, desires, and habits, we either ascend to the full divine dignity of our nature, or we descend to suffer and learn. -J.Todd Ferrier

How we don’t love! If the person starts to work to uncover the suppression, the first things he would encounter would be physical and emotional numbness, and disturbing feelings, perhaps in dreams, of violence, which challenge his state of happiness. Eventually, as he gets through enough layers of defensive beliefs he will be able to feel the “raw terror” – the actual full intensity of the feeling in the body at the time. Only when this has been experienced without judgement has real love and acceptance been given to the incident. Only then is there the possibility of him forgiving person X, rather than pretending he does. At that moment of feeling raw terror, its effect disappears completely from the physical body and it disappears as a compulsively defended emotion. The person is free of the sickness, and free to choose to live other areas of life they had been reactively avoiding.

Spiritual Unfoldment

The spiritual path is not about disconnecting from the body, or mediums talking to the dead, or spirit guides, or channelling information from “higher beings”, or being able to walk across fire. It is not about believing what is written in some holy book or praying for God to do something about our mess. It is about becoming more and more conscious of our subtle in-body feelings as part of the interconnected web of life; becoming more incarnated as we empty the emotional reactivity from our bodies and access greater levels of memory. If we think of the past or future in unending chains of thought, judgements and justifications, we miss all these subtle feelings present NOW and we miss all the small direction changes our lives are being prompted with. Heading swiftly in the wrong direction, we wonder how we ended up in such a mess and we wonder who to blame for it.

Each choice will either result in freeing us from identification with matter or will result in an increasingly powerful spiral into identification with matter. -Dr. John Whitman Ray

The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not “the thinker.” The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You begin to realize there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken. -Eckhart Tolle

As false beliefs are gradiently released, our lives take unthought of turns. With areas of new freedom, where beliefs and emotional reactivity are no longer in charge, we can start to feel the flow of life that has been there all along. We can start to know how to behave in a situation because we can feel the subtle directions pushing at us – the same ones we missed when we were more numb, more in tension, and more dictated to by the unending logic of our thoughts.

Body Electronics Visualisation and Consciousness class can be taken with Dr. Douglas W. Morrison, which is designed to take the work outside of the physical holding of points to work on deeper levels of encompassing dualities within our belief system.

On Zero Ohms Resistance

It is now August 2005, and I am still in process of the uprooting of
aspects of myself, that is a result of events that took place at the
recent Visualization and Consciousness course that I attended for four
weeks in June/July.

First I will share how I began my journey with Body Electronics.

In 2000 a friend came to my area asking me to host an evening on “
the most powerful healing technique in the world.” I agreed but with
the firm belief that I was not interested.. I had been studying Ayurveda
for many years, had just opened a practice, and the idea of beginning
something new was not something I had considered.

So I invited a group of ‘holistic minded’ people from the community for ‘an evening on Body
Electronics.I remember the moment,  I was in the kitchen preparing tea, and I heard Johns voice on
the videotape in the next room. Something opened up within me, you
could say, my HEART.

I, in that moment, was set on a new course that is the most profound
teachings and experience for consciousness change in my life to date.

As of early 2001, I ate, slept and breathed Body Electronics. I closed
my practice and spent all my spare time watching BE videos, reading
Johns books, and preparing myself nutritionally, giving up a few “bad”
habits for the upcoming Instructors seminar John had agreed to give in
Canada that year.

Many nights I would have dreams were John was answering questions that
would arise, or giving me teachings on subjects not yet thought of.

I accessed a heart connection with John Ray, that continues to inspire
and encourage me to continue through healing crisis after healing

Before John left his body, I wrote him a letter of commitment to service, that I to
the best of my abilities, do my part to continue the teachings of Body
Electronics.  Weeks later, on April 21, 2001, John left his body. He was 66 years old. This stimulated
deep grief for me, as many hopes and dreams were build on being with him in just a few weeks. I
was lost at sea……John came every night in Dreamtime, and also I could hear his voice while awake.
He said over and over “you have to go to Doug”.  Doug had been in New Zealand for a few years as
John had spent the last years of that life on Raratonga, Cook Is, and New Zealand where he taught extensively.

  Doug then moved back to the  U.S., so ‘I went to Doug’.

I spent over forty weeks in Body Electronics seminars, including two full Instructors, of five weeks
each and one four week Visualization and Consciousness Course (V&C). Over the years, I received 5 Cranials and
gave 7. Cranial Electronics is part of the Instructor’s training. My life evolved/revolved around the
teachings of Body Electronics.

This leads to the purpose of this writing, which is to describe my
experience of Zero Ohms Resistance, measured four times during the recent Visualization and
Consciousness Course.

The first ZOR was measured on June 30, 2005, for approximately 35 to 40 seconds, I experienced
Zero Ohms Resistance as measured by a Galvanic Skin Response Meter. My
facilitator that day was Jeff Schofield, to whom I am thankful for his
dedicated effort to consciousness change that day, throughout the seminar and in his daily life.

First I would like to share the word pattern that seemed to be the most
prominent during the V&C:

“ …no matter how hard I try, I will never be good enough”,
the emphasise on TRY.

And so I tried, and tried and tried to be good enough…. this came with
many memories and emotions. I dug deeper and deeper….went through the scale of emotions over
and over again…..pain……pain…..pain.

The day I first experienced Zero Point (during the seminar) was different in that I wasnt trying,
my facilitator and I were laughing off and on. Jeff said with an expression of disbelief to Doug
immediately after the event, “ we weren
t even trying.”

There was a physical pressure present in my solar plexus that was growing,
something I felt I couldnt contain. This grew upward into my chest and
eventually into my throat. I remarked to my facilitator, “ I feel like
there is a volcano inside me.” He replied jokingly, “Let me know when
re going to blow.”

I stayed with the overwhelming feelings that were both intensely physical and
emotional. This seemed beyond my CONTROL, I could just ALLOW or
surrender. The pressure grew to a point I felt I could contain IT no
longer, at that point I exclaimed,  “Im going to BLOW,”….. all
pressure released and Zero Ohms Resistance was experienced for approximately 45-50 seconds.

During this time I felt a gentle breeze that felt like a warm breath pass through me and
around me from the feet upward through and out my head. It was a very
subtle vibration. I became aware of the Presence of other Beings…..many Beautiful Loving
Beings…and although we didn’t speak in words, there was complete understanding of
communication. I was aware of this realm and still completely aware of the physical realm of the
body simultaneously. A thought came that I may be leaving the body, then thoughts of my children,
then I choose to leave this experience/awareness as I judged I could not have both. I became
overwhelmed with the JOY, Beauty/Love in the experience. I began to ‘register’ again on the Meter.

In afterthought of the experience……if it could be described in words they would be simply,  “ALL IS

Minutes later I went into a healing crisis of simultaneous
endothermic/exothermic reaction that came in two waves. I experienced
extreme fear, a strong vibration, burning from head to toe, yet at the
same time throwing off extreme cold as experienced by some people that
were in the room. At several points I wasnt sure if this was going to
be the end of this life. I was experiencing anatomic change.

Again and again and again, I surrendered to whatever.
I experienced ZOR a total of four times during that V&C. Once for approximately 2 minutes.

   My life CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts, even fleeting became physical in very little time……..if I wrote something down, immediate
manifestation……I worked though level after level of fear….fearful of my ‘newly uncovered
awareness’. Eventually in deep humility, Life began to blossom……and the fear released.
I continue to expand in the Awareness of our Power to transmute ALL resistance patterns with the

Deepest thanks to Doug Morrison , for over twenty years of Service to humanity through teaching
Body Electronics, Cranial Electronics and V&C’s…..and to witness his Love for Life and Expansion.

Thank you John Ray for accessing a method we call Body Electronics, so we may access and release
resistance patterns, and all be of service to ourselves and eventually to humanity and beyond

In Loving Service to the Light I AM Illia Lang