Short History

Firewalking was present throughout the entire human history. : Kalahari Kung “boil” the NUM (Ki,Chi, Prana, Mana,Life force) by pushing the dancing to the limit. They say when the energy of the NUM is equal to the energy of the fire, the fire will not burn the body. The Kung enter the state of consciousness they call Ki and they dance on the hot coals up to half an hour. When in the state of Ki they are capable of preforming miraculous healings.

Vikings have firewalked on red hot chains. At least three North American native tribes have firewalked. Huna of ancient Hawaii have walked on hot lava rocks. People have firewalked in Fiji, in Sri Lanka the firewalk pit is twenty feet long and three feet deep. The walkers prepare themselves through various spiritual practices in an Ashram for an entire year. Shaolin monks of China have walked the hot coals, handled red hot iron with bare hands and licked it with their tongues. Present day Buddhist monks of Japan lead the crowd of twenty-thousand over the red hot coals laid out on a field the size of a football stadium. Many Muslim Sufi and Dervish orders have walked and even swallowed the hot coals. At least three Catholics villages in Spain and several in Latin-America do firewalk. St.Francis of Assisi has firewalked. The Greek Orthodox of Ayia Eleni(Greek Macedonia) dance on the coals for up to fifteen minutes at a time to honor St.Constantine who centuries ago walked into the burning church to retrieve a beloved religious icon. ” When you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you” (Isaiah 43:2).

“People who participate in firewalking workshops… are empowered; their lives are transformed. They gain an enhanced sense of self-confidence and self-esteem and are able to function more effectively in the world in which they live” Dr.L.M. Danforth from his book, Firewalking and Religious Healing, published by Princeton University press.

The present day firewalking revival started in California more then twenty years ago with Peggie Dylan and Tolly Burkan. Over one million North Americans have successfully firewalked up to date.

“Scientific explanation”

Some scientists state that the Laden-Frost principle is responsible for firewalker’s feet not getting burned. You can observe the Laden-Frost principle when you drop some water on hot stove plate, the droplets bead and dance around for a little while. They say the little droplets of sweat form on the bottom of the feet during firewalking and in doing so prevent the feet from getting burnt.

They also say that the coals are not conductive enough. One scientist went as far as tying the sirloin stakes to the bottom of his shoes to “research” the effects of hot coals on the human tissue.

To counter this, Steve Bizyak of Seattle, the firewalking instructor, heated one inch thick by twelve feet long steel plate to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. He invited several scientists with all their measuring devices and twenty-six firewalking instructors. Eleven of them walked the red hot plate. Is this conductive enough?

What about those people who get severely burned walking over “non-conductive” coals?

Our Firewalk

There is two sides to every coin, including firewalking. There is a way to teach the firewalk on an ego base, by boosting the ego.

We choose to present our firewalking seminars on a spiritual base with a healthy dose of scientific and religious explanations. We talk about chemistry, energy and consciousness. In a three hour seminar we give you the exercises to prepare for a safe firewalk.

Other gorups walk the “black fires”, they use the shovels to flatten the coals by hitting them repeatedly and therefor blackening the coals and reducing the heat.

Our coals are red hot, spread and raked gently, measured to 1200-1350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Firewalking is one of the most powerful personal development techniques. If done properly it will teach you how to handle any fear, greatly improve your confidence level(One real estate company documented 36% improvement in sales over 3 year period), reduce your stress level, improve your immune system and speed up your spiritual development. Weather you choose to firewalk or not in our workshop you will learn to transform fear and doubt into confidence, clarity and excitement. You will learn to use the power of your mental focus and emotions, you will change your beliefs about what is possible to achieve. You will be able to tap into and use more of your true potential.

Note: Ivan has been a certified F.I.R.E. firewalking instructor for past 25 years.


Fee per person: $100.00(G.S.T included)

Couples $80.00 (each person)

Students and Firemen $50.00

Corporate rate $2500.00

Our offer

We will present the firewalking seminar for your group, if you take care of all the organization.

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