Life-Force Meditation

“Anything that can be said cannot be true” -Lao-tze

When a child is born his/hers consciousness is totally open. Everything is coming in and nothing is excluded. Just look at newborn’s eyes how open they are, how sound moves them, they are open to every sensation. To survive a child needs to learn to concentrate, to narrow his mind, to specialize, to learn more and more about less and less. The more narrow minded he becomes the more successful he will be. Every culture, in its own way, tries to narrow a mind of the child. Nobody is to blame. Without this concentration he/she will not be able to function, to cope with life. Life requires it, the mind must be able to concentrate, otherwise the survival is not possible. The narrow mindedness is an existential necessity.

At seven years of age the soft spot on the crown of the head of the child completely closes (in most circumstances) and the child is now substantially less influenced by the energies from above, the energies of the Universe.

Once ego is completely formed it denies that original open nature of the mind. It denies unconscious part of the mind, ego becomes afraid of it, afraid of “the Darkness”. But in fact there is no boundary between conscious and subconscious mind there is no brick wall, no gate . “Boundary” is created by vibration frequency difference. “Subconscious mind” means that “part” of the mind that had been left behind, neglected, ignored, closed and “imprisoned in darkness”.

Now we are split in two and some are split into many. In early 1950 only 230 cases of split personality were documented in the entire world. In 2002, it is estimated, this # is well over 40,000,000 (forty million). We have become strangers to our own totality and the effects of it can be clearly seen all over the world.

Only the whole mind with and open heart powered by higher energy can begin to “walk” towards the totality of existence, super consciousness, towards God and eventually “ascend”.

Once the ego is totally formed, now it is the time to reverse the process and start opening it up. So if you use thinking process in order to go into meditation you will never succeed. Here is the problem. We think all the time(60,000-70,000 thoughts per day). Meditation is non-thinking non-doing process. So a device or a technique is necessary to quite down and eventually stop the constant chatter. Various religious and personal development groups have developed endless techniques for transcending.

Here is another problem. Ego takes devices to be the truth. The truth is that every coin has two sides and if we take a closer look we will see that every coin has a third side also. As below , so above .As here, so there ,so everywhere.

A teacher can say something and then say something totally opposite the next day. The device can be used as a tool to help accomplish our goal. All devices, techniques, are false, they are a trick, a con-job, but as long as they help on the road they are useful. If something is a cause of something else it is never useless .

Once the barrier is crossed , only then can we clearly see that technique was not necessary.

Suffis have used zikar, Dervishes dance, Zen practitioners use koans, Tibet and India have mantras, Ribirthing and Pranayama use breath, etc. Even various concepts of God are only a technique.

Our minds are not the same as the minds of 2000 years ago. Devices designed long ago have become old and useless. Today’s mind needs new and improved techniques. At New Horizons Unlimited we constantly search for the ways to improve the personal development techniques.We also create new ones.

The most helpful techniques, generally speaking, are the once least known to you. They create fear , an emergency. Only in the emergency can our mind be truly aware.

In a life threatening car accident, for example, a person is super-aware, to the point that even time flow is altered.

Awareness means a mind that is conscious but not focused. True awareness is a consciousness of all that is happening. The road to the subconscious is dark, unknown, fearful, irrational, dangerous, and illogical to the conscious logical mind, to the ego, to you. Ego says; do not go to the unconscious, do not think about it, do not look at it, ignore it, just ignore it, it is better for me and for all of us.

Really, now? Take a close honest look at this world and at your personal life.

Meditation is simply an “effort ” to jump into subconscious. Meditation is “traveling along” the parasympathetic nervous system , with an intent to “shut down”, to mortify, the body and all of it’s senses and consciously enter through the “door” to the “other side”.

Just “below”( below is actually only a change in vibratory rate) is our Energy Body. Remember, our mind can create a body instantaneously at any level. The Energy Body is first felt as our Life Force (Ki, Chi, Prana ) and it can also be seen. We see it the same way we see our “physical ” body. Person needs to remember that our senses are indirect.

There is also a Dream Body and a Spirit Body (or seven bodies in Hindu and some other systems). The subconscious inner landscape can be traveled. There is nothing special about it. We do it every night in our dreams but unconsciously -the Ego (you), unless lucid, does not know it is dreaming.

The entire evolution of life is a constant struggle to be more and more conscious .(With the exception of the small % of humanity that is consciously striving in the opposite direction ). The ultimate goal being to “become ” pure , absolute consciousness itself.

First step is to develop the double arrowed attention-to become conscious of the object and yourself (subject) at the same time. The subject must not be lost, it must not be forgotten. The person needs to remember himself / herself and remain aware even in a dream state and beyond (like death for example).

The subject and the object are two poles of the one thing.

The body and the mind are also not two things. Any movement of the body is impossible without the inner movement of the mind. The body cannot be completely still without stopping the thoughts.

Body and mind are one energy. The body energy is more dense, the frequency of the energy wave length differs but it is all one.

Our bones , our tissues, our organs, ,cells , molecules, atoms, quarks etc. vibrate with different frequency, all one within the other, all constituting one whole. As below ,so above . As microcosm (our body and mind) so macrocosm (The universe).

Meditation is non-doing, it is passive, but to achieve this non-doing one has to do much.

It is possible to be active and aware only when there is no longer any need of meditation, no need of achievement, no need to know it or feel it.

If active, sympathetic, Yang, techniques are used, they must be pushed to the limit, to the point where it becomes impossible to remain active even for a millisecond longer. Then the active technique turns into its opposite. We “drop dead” into passivity into non-activity. When the body becomes “dead” and the mind still, the energy starts moving upwards. The silence and lightness are the byproduct of energy moving upward(“He” says:” Be silent and know that I am God ). The finer, inner, higher vibratory energy starts bubbling upwards. The tension, stress, and heaviness are a byproduct of energy moving downward.

In meditation often the whole body becomes totally silent. It ” disappears” , it is not there, you cannot feel it. Now huge amount of energy is released upward, now we have extra energy to do something with.We must grow to heal the split, to become one, to become whole, to become sane, to finally break the bubble, the barrier, and to start walking on the path, the Tao, the Narrow Way.

Note: Ivan Kos is a meditation instructor with over 30 years of experience.