Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is also known as Holy, Yogic or Conscious Dreaming.

It is a type of dream in which you are fully aware that you are dreaming, you are not at the mercy of a dream situation and you have at least some freedom of action. In ordinary dreaming it is a dream that controls the dreamer, in lucid dreaming it is a dreamer who controls the dream.

”for often when one is asleep there is something in consciousness which declares that what presents itself is but a dream.” – Aristotle

Lucid dreaming has been scientifically proven for more then three decades (see the research by Stephen LaBerge).

Dreaming is a right brain activity and all of the dreams are accompanied by rapid eye movement. The fact that waking reality eyes are directly linked to dream eyes was the fundamental discovery of Dr.LaBerge.

To develop lucid dreaming to the full potential we need to make a Dream Body more functional. It’s attributes of memory, will power, awareness, and the use of all five senses has to be developed.

Lucid dream world is so rich, incredibly detailed, tri-dimensional, vividly colored and alive, it is a small wonder we mistake it for waking reality. Dream personality lacks a reasoning power and often accepts the most ludicrous situations as real.

In a dream world the sun shines, the stars cover the night sky, the grass is green, and if you look in a mirror you look, well, like you, you walk on the ground held down by the “law” of gravity. But if you are lucid enough to know that dream gravity is a mere convention, you are FREE to take it or leave it, flying at will. Lucid dreamers regard ALL “laws” of the dream world as the self made rules that can be changed.

We should never forget that the reality and solidity of our waking world is created by the same “organ of perception” that creates our dreams.

We can learn to control our dreams, directing and producing them in any way we desire, with the most miraculous results and insights.

Throughout the entire human history, by many cultures, and true psychics, shamans, mystics and gurus, it has been asserted that our waking world is NOTHING BUT A DREAM.

Shamans of old visited the realms of the Spirit in order to gain the healing power and insights for both themselves and their people.

The fact is that we are dreaming all the time, whether we are awake or asleep; other words, the process by which the experiences arise is the same, no matter if we are awake or dreaming.

Lucid dreams can be used as a training ground to ultimately WAKE UP in our “real and waking” world.

The world of dreams seems so real to a dreaming personality that 99% of the time we are coned into believing that we are experiencing waking reality.

Then again, there are two sides to a coin. While “left side” is convincing you the dream is real and making you oblivious you are dreaming, ”right side” is constantly inserting the cues within the dreamscape telling you BECOME AWARE, YOU ARE DREAMING. Developing the awareness of these cues is essential to further developing lucidity.

My first Lucid dream took place while watching a cat, that had only three legs, run across a street perfectly normally, which was impossible, and I realized “I must be dreaming “. Lucidity lasted only a few seconds, but what a thrill, and what freedom!

One of the common phenomena of lucid dreamers is false awakening following a lucid dream. The dreamer truly believes that she/he has woken up. This can be so real the dreamer finds himself in his bedroom, getting up, going to washroom, preparing breakfast and going to work.

Various techniques have been developed to enable a lucid dreamer to tell apart waking reality from a lucid dream.

Immediately upon awakening into a normal world it is possible to experience a strange phenomenon of seeing, fully formed and appearing real, images within the framework of actual waking space. It should be obvious that there is a need to be able to tell the difference between, a vision, hallucination and waking reality.

The world is a dream, death is a dream, the teacher and the teachings are a dream, the result of our spiritual practice is a dream, there is no place where there is no dream, until GREAT LIBERATION when dreaming becomes an option.

The truth is that just as in night- dreams the first symptom of waking is to suspect that one is dreaming, the first symptom of waking from a waking state, the SECOND AWAKENING of religion, is the suspicion that our present waking state is dreaming likewise.

“Mother Tantra” states: If one is not aware in a VISION it is unlikely one will be aware in everyday BEHAVIOR, if one is not aware in behavior one is unlikely to be aware in a DREAM, then one is unlikely to be aware in the LIFE AFTER DEATH.

One of the greatest meditative techniques is to train our mind to use every object and situation of waking experience to further increase lucidity and awareness.

Over 5000 year old Hindu “Upanishads” refer to conscious dreaming world, and Tibetan Bon used lucid dreaming meditative techniques 12,000 years prior to Buddhism.

Buddhism tells us we are dreaming ALL THE TIME. The concept of Maya clearly states that everything we experience as real is clearly an illusion.

It appears that ONE AND THE ONLY BEING, the CREATOR, the one we refer to as GOD (Clear Light), was so alone “He” split “himself” into infinitely many fragments which have forgotten who they are, and who sort of play eternal hide and seek with the Creator in a universe filled with dreams.

Being lucid within the dreams is an important prerequisite of any spiritual path. Many high lamas and accomplished yogis have made sleep and dream yoga primary practices, and through them they have attained enlightenment and great liberation.

Any meditation techniques which could take decades of practice before substantial results could easily be adopted in a lucid dream state.

The accomplishment of dream and deep sleep practices depends on individual’s intent, faith, commitment and patience.

The dreams themselves do not have any inherent meaning, the meaning is being projected onto a dream by an individual examining the dream and then is “read” from the dream,(similar to tea cup or coffee cup “readings”).

St.Augustine:”After your death, while your bodily eyes shall be wholly inactive, there shall be in you a life by which you shall live and a faculty of perception by which you shall perceive”.

Lucid dreams occur occasionally in about 5% of population. Fortunately it can be practiced and greatly enhanced. In these busy times when everything moves with incredible speed we can find EXTRA DESPERATELY NEEDED TIME TO PRACTICE THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES within our dream world.

If it was possible for two or more people to have EXACTLY THE SAME DREAM at exactly the same time what would we call it? Mutual and group dreaming is possible.

Such devices as Dream Light (a lucid dreaming machine) invented by Stephen LaBerge are also very helpful.

One third of our life is spent on sleep, and about seven years in a dream state with almost 200,000 dream adventures.

One of the prerequisites to controlling the dreams is the ability of controlling the thoughts, bringing them into full awareness and utilizing them for positive, loving and virtuous purposes.

In a waking state our conscious mind obviously uses thoughts for thinking, our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND “THINKS” IN IMAGES.

And then there is a deep sleep state, without thoughts, without dreams and images, when we visit with the Creator (Clear Light), nightly.

Clear light is defined as a unity of EMTYNESS and AWARENESS; it is the most fundamental state of ALL existence.


This is not an object of our experience or some kind of mental state. Clear, unmoving, blissful with no center nor circumference, this is our true reality.




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