Scalar Pointholding

I have coined a term Scalar Pointholding roughly three years before I knew that Body Electronics existed. Scalar( to honor Nikola Tesla) pointholding is based on several techniques I have used previously in many public workshops.

#1 Internal Smile

A Chi Kung technique of smiling to your internal organs and to yourself internally. This is a very good technique to use always. It sure changes your perspective on the world and definitely has influence on our overall health.

#2 Meditation

Total relaxation and meditative state in a prone position is necessary for Scalar Pointholding to be effective.

#3 Transcendental Rebirthing

This technique was a natural progression of 30 years of meditation, rebirthing and other Pranayama techniques. It pushed the limits of Rebirthing into transcendental ( transcending the boundaries of the body)

#4 Body Electronics

After attending a Body Electronics seminar facilitated by Dr. Douglas W. Morrison ( ) I have accepted most of the principles ( with some  exceptions) of BE.

#5 Third Eye Technique

This technique of opening the “third eye”,( inner vision, ”the sky gate”) was incorporated to shorten the time ( of people who have difficulties entering) needed to enter an inner vision, a tri-dimensional, virtual ,life-like memory.

A bit about past lives

 Through a technique called Scalar Pointholding (that I have created) we have been able to induce “past life memories” in about 30% of people (approximately same percentage as the people that can be hypnotized). If we suggest future, this is exactly what subconscious mind creates. As you know, subconscious thinks in tridimensional , live pictures, 24 hours a day.

The subconscious mind creates in a millisecond the entire sequence of a supposed past life.

Well, I have enough problems with my present life; I sure do not need another one.

99.9 % of people sink down the tunnel into the subconscious at the time of death. There is no tunnel; feeling of sinking down, and sometimes the visuals, are caused by change in frequency between a conscious and subconscious mind. Ego usually gets unconscious and lost in the enormity of the subconscious. (How can somebody stay conscious in death if they cannot even in dreams?) No memory of the previous life is possible in this case.

That is not to say past life memory not possible. If a person is ,at a time of death, pulled up “the tunnel” in a clockwise direction, into super-conscious, other words dies consciously, then the past life memory is possible, if she/he is reborn. But then they remember where exactly they lived, who were their brothers and sisters, who were the parents and many other circumstances. They can prove their memory.

I have personally met several of these people with “past life memories”. What amazed me, all of them were Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, Napoleon, one was even an African Queen responsible for death of 100,000 people, etc……

Believing in a previous life, without being able to prove it, is a useless exercise, especially when we know how subconscious mind creates a fake memory. If we let our mind go there more often, it becomes more and more powerful, for subconscious images are more real than reality, because of direct perception. This is one of the many ways how a subconscious mind sucks our life force (ki, chi ,mana, prana), becomes stronger while we become weaker. It runs the programs we are not even aware of, it creates “pets” ( not fully developed personalities) and second personality and eventually takes over completely and shuts off the original one. Even if it does not take over completely, we will have to face it (among many other things) once we close our eyes forever.