Transcendental Rebirthing

Rebirthing is the fastest growing personal development technique in the world. Over 14 million people have used various rebirthing methods. This safe and powerful breathing process releases stress, tension and negative emotional programming from the body, freeing it so that a person can live to his/hers highest potential.

Abundance of energy is the key to bliss and happiness. Life force in it purest form is most easily assimilated from air through breath. I am not talking about oxygen, it is the energy that gives movement to the oxygen atom itself and to EVERYTHING in the Universe.

Birth in itself is the most powerful experience (negative or positive) of our lives. Birth memory is imprinted into every one of our 70 trillion cells. Many ,if not most, decisions in our lives ere made in relation to our birth.

We have combined the benefits of Rebirthing with direct experience of your personal life force and becoming conscious in the transcendent, and created TR.

Transcendental Rebirthing (TR) came about through personal experiences of rebirthing, meditation,lucid dreaming and internal chi-kung. The technique was developed in Edmonton , Alberta , Canada and the name was coined by Ivan Kos. TR is the royal way to the subconscious, and beyond. TR can sometimes feel as an intense lucid dream period. The body is lying down and totally relaxed, needing very little energy. Proper circular breath generates much energy, coupled with inner awareness may lead to the experiences often described as trans-personal or transcendental. (Therefore the name Transcendental Rebirthing). Huge energy generation of circular breath combined with the total relaxation and subtle awareness do loosen up intense power of pain programmed inside the body.

TR is done in a laying down totally relaxed position so that person can devote their complete attention to the breathing rhythm. At the point when a person notices that they are breathing energy as well as air they have learned how to breathe properly.

Breathing is also the biggest excretory system of the body. Sweating is the second and then comes defecation and urination. During TR’s deep circular breathing rhythm a huge amount of energy is produced and the body is also nourished and cleansed.

TR may lead to transcendental and trans-personal experiences and expansion of the consciousness beyond normal boundaries of the ego and the limitations of time and space.

Our personal boundary (the “solid concrete wall”) that contains everything we have consciously experienced can be crossed and the deeper layers of our consciousness can be reached. This barrier is often breached during life threatening situations; drug induced states or other extreme (“pushing the limits”) conditions. It is often reported as “my whole life flashed in front of me” or “the near death experience”. This barrier can be passed in a relaxed and safe way during TR.

TR creates sufficient energy and environment to make this possible.

TR may awaken the body’s inner life energy, the Kundalini.

In order to be able to reach higher states of the mind the body’s higher energy has to be awakened and activated. A person is not ready to experience higher states of consciousness before Kundalini is awakened and allowed to flow freely throughout the body. One of the preconditions is that a person consciously clears a substantial part of traumatic personal experiences, often including birth and prebirth memories and feelings.

Full, deep circular rhythmic breath is a cure for a shallow inhibited breath usually caused by birth trauma.

One of the most unusual side-effect is tetany (it has nothing to do with tetanus). This is cramping and temporary paralysis, usually of fingers. In extreme cases the whole body curls into a fetal position. This has never happened in TR, so far, because of superior meditative relaxation. Most of it is a result of super-oxygenation of the body and lack of carbon dioxide. This symptom quickly dissipates upon termination of TR technique. Tetany almost never shows up in those practising meditation and effective relaxation techniques.

Here is a partial list of other possible side-effects;

Involuntary breathing

Tingling or vibrating sensations all over the body (sometimes to the       extent that it is visible to an observer)




Heavy sadness and crying



Irrational feelings of fear or terror

Out of body experiences (OBE)

Dislocation (eg. -legs above head)

Feelings of extreme pressure on body parts

Strong energy flows, even visual

Fluctuating body temperature

Extreme hot (you are travelling towards anger memories)

Extreme cold (travelling towards fear memories)


Pain (sometimes extreme, that was not there just moments ago)


Light (like a feather)

Heavy (like a ton)


Drumming of the heart (sometimes of cosmic proportions)





Extreme speeding of thoughts

No thoughts



Witness consciousness (as if there is two of you)


Light flashes




Caving in

Automatic movements (during the technique not even an eyelash is  to be moved consciously, intentionally)

“Snaking” (up and- down snake like movement of the body which is impossible to perform consciously)

Uncontrollable laughter

Sexual and orgasmic feelings

Spiritual visions

Telepathic experiences

Heavenly sounds and music (one participant request a CD of the most wonderful music she ever heard, which of course we did not play)


Dryness or foaming of the mouth

Buzzing or ringing in ears

Birth and pre-birth memories

Euphoria (blissful state, Nirvana)

Death and resurrection experience (in birth it is closest that we come to death)

Spontaneous movements of the body, when they happen, vary greatly from person to person they can be gentle, jerking, spastic, vibrating or snaking (in an experienced meditator or rebirther there is usually none at all). From moving the jaw uncontrollably, to levitating arms or legs, to a snakelike movement of the body that normally could not be done once, let alone lasting 1/2 hour or more.

Sharp pains of very short duration can happen in the eyes, head, spine, and other parts of the body without apparent reason. This is life-force passing though previously constricted or blocked energy pathways.

Whatever happens is perfectly fine, and one step closer to  liberation.

Person reading all this side-effect might think that rebirthing is very difficult. In fact 90% of it is pleasurable. The quicker a person gives up on the traumatic imprints the more pleasurable the sessions are.

At the moment that rebirthee feels that she/he is breathing in, not only air, but also energy, the process becomes effortless.

TR is very simple, and it can be learned by anyone.

 Ki, chi, prana, mana, vril ruach, lung, neyatoneyah, num, barraka … Life force is experienced as vibrating energy or light energy in parts or whole of the body.Chi is the cause of all movement in the universe. Motions of all the stars and planets, the radiation from the sun, the patterns of our thoughts and emotions, our heart beat, all occur because of Chi. It is the source of our life –force and the animating factor in all living beings.

Chi holds our organs, glands, blood vessels, and all other bodily parts in place, and functioning properly. When the body’s Chi becomes weak our organs, even our cells, begin to malfunction and ill health ensues.

At the time of our death Chi dissipates from a level of ego within three days. The sign of this happening is that skin turns slightly yellowish –green. The decomposition of the body has begun.

In the case the skin does not change the color, even though there is no heart beat and no brain waves , the person is not really dead yet.

The longest known case happened in Russia where a woman came back to life after being “dead” for seventeen days.

Therefore, our Chi body, under normal circumstances, lasts only three days after our death. Our Mental (or Dream) body lasts roughly seven years after we die .THE SPIRIT BODY IS IMMORTAL.

There is away to exercise our Chi body and make it just as functional (on energy level of course) as the physical body, then transfer it to a mental level, and subsequently create the Spirit body, then transfer Chi and Dream body into it.

The key to TR is meditative fully conscious relaxing into mental images and feelings of the body.

TR is one of the fastest and most effective techniques to higher consciousness and experiencing the life force directly. This is definitely one of the safest and fastest techniques for transcending.

Women who have successfully experienced their birth trauma during the rebirthing method usually have simple, fast and problem free birth deliveries. Their babies are noticeably more relaxed and have a lot less health problems. They did not have to go through the perpetuating birth traumas during the labour.

Many people get stuck, often for the rest of their lives in birth trauma symptoms and develop medical belief systems about them.

In Rebirthing it is possible to go through the huge physiological and mental changes in minutes. Often migraine headaches, various respiratory illnesses and many other ” diseases” get eliminated through successful Rebirthing.

If our birth was traumatic, we form powerful impressions about the World we are entering into. These imprints often control us for the rest of our lives from a subconscious level. At least 90 % of our present fears originate with our birth (and often pre-birth) trauma.

There is two sides to every coin, therefore the life in the womb can be a very traumatic experience. There are many forms of intrauterine stress; various diseases the mother can contract, every day stressful situations she is subjected to, alcohol, nicotine, various prescription (remember TALIDOMIDE) and street drugs, etc.

“Fetus” is a HUMAN BEING in various stages of development that responds to and remembers ALL of its experiences.

Everything that affects the mother mentally or physically will have some repercussions on the life within the womb.

The breathing process is initiated and coordinated by the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata or the hind brain. The breath signals are initiated according to the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, rather than the amount of oxygen present. But, it can also be triggered by emotions and controlled by the will.

Ordinary breathing involves about 12-13 breaths a minute. During many physical exercises the rate can increase up to 80 breaths a minute.

Average rebirthing (conscious, circular) breathing rate is 20-30 breaths a minute. Although the volume of inhaled air may be up to 10 times more than in ordinary breath.

In rebirthing breath the diaphragm muscle is active during inhalation. On exhalation the air is pushed out by relaxation of the diaphragm muscle. If the exhalation is forced by actively pushing the diaphragm muscle, hyperventilation can result. If forced exhalation (hyperventilation) is maintained long enough the acid -base level of the blood is adjusted to the lower level of carbon dioxide and a state called alkalosis occurs. It is characterized by cramps and muscle spasms and can lead to pain in the tense muscles and joints.

Once the most traumatic events of a person’s life has been worked through and integrated, the TR sessions turn calm and meditative and can be used as a form of regeneration, re-energizing, revitalizing and further purification. Experiences have shown that once the main part of stressful memories and their integration is accomplished the mind is perfectly capable of expanding into the other realms. One beautiful thing about TR is that no to sessions are ever the same.

In traditional Rebirthing pain and emotions are released and expressed and feelings are often acted out. In T.R. these expressions happen on an inner level through direct energy movement and openings.

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Please note; We offer TR instructor certification over the Skype,unless you live in Edmonton area.

Instructors; Joanne, Steven and Ivan Kos. All 3 of them are certified TR practitioners ,F.I.R.E. certified Firewalking instructors and have extensive experience in Meditation, Lucid (Conscious, Holy, Yogic) Dreaming and Natural ,Painless and Effortless Birthing Technique