Tratak is a form of gazing at a mirror, object or another person’s eyes with intense but relaxed concentration without blinking, for a long period of time. When the whole consciousness is centered in the eyes the mind has no energy left and thinking stops automatically.(freeing more energy that is continuously used for “thinking”) In Tratak the gaze must remain absolutely fixed. Even a single movement of the eyes gives the energy back to the mind.

The eyes are windows to the soul. Eyes are the doors that belong to the inside mind and to the outside world. If the eyes are totally fixed, the mind stops. It cannot move.

Eyes vibrate at seven different levels. When these levels are accessed, the outer( and the inner) world is perceived in a totally different way compared to our normal perception.

Tratak is a superb parasympathetic technique through which many “spiritual” things become accessible.

Inner Tratak is also called third eye meditation. When we focus our awareness on third eye, we automatically, and instantly attain a meditative state.

Sit comfortably on a chair, keep your spine straight but not stiff, close your eyes.
Now concentrate on the middle of your forehead around the area which is a few centimeters above the middle of your eyes; middle of your forehead.
Keep your eyes closed and draw both of your eyes towards this center point.  Now you are cross eyed. Just look upwards and slightly backwards with your eyes closed. Focus your closed eyes at 30 degrees, above  at the center of the forehead (at the place of third eye.)
It is important to know exactly that you have centred your eyes on the third eye. As you draw your eyes towards the centre of forehead by looking upwards at 25- 30 degees, both of your eyes will become still, absolutely motionless, locked. You will feel as if a force is slowly pulling your eyes towards itself, and there will be some subtle pressure. It will be just like a magnetic attraction. When you experience this state, you’ll be at the right point. It will seem as if you are looking at the movie screen. Now if you remain relaxed,and become more so, the images might come.
You might even feel as if you are  seeing your thoughts.

This third eye meditation is a very powerful method for developing concentration. This is also a very helpful exercise for eyes on the physical level.

 If it happens that a center of your forehead is heating up after long term practices, it is an indication that the third eye is attracting Kundalini energy (energy flows where the mind goes). Thread carefully. It is time to brush up on life-force energy ( ki,chi,prana,mana,baraka,vril……), its generation, movement ,storage and venting. 

Tratak can be practiced on several objects, but the most popular and effective is gazing on a flame. This is because a flame (such as a candle flame) produces the best after-image, which helps visualization of the flame when eyes are closed. This is the desired effect of Tratak.

Light a candle in the darkness, place it about 75 to 90 centimeters away from you at the level of your eyes, fix your eyes on the flame for five or ten minutes without blinking. Tratak is to be practised with glasses, so people with glasses may have to adjust the distance between the stand and themselves, so that they observe a clear image of the candle wick without blur.

This gaze is kept constant for some time and then eyes closed. With the eyes closed, you should try to observe the inner image of the flame at the eye brow center. Keep the eyes closed for as long as you see the inner image. Then re-start. Now you are improving on your power to visualize.

Darkness: Sit by yourself in the dark and practice tratak on the darkness. The eyes should be open fully. Continue to see in the darkness without any light. Sit there daily and practice it steadily and firmly.

Blue sky: Sit in an open place or on a terrace at the end of the day and gaze at the blue sky without blinking. Try to feel that you have become like the sky or that the sky has come nearer to you. In due course the consciousness of the practitioner becomes so transformed that even though the object is in front of your eyes, you are not aware of it. The consciousness which separates the seer and the seen does not remain separate, but identifies with the object.

If you happen to have a crystal, practice tratak on it.

Practice tratak on the full moon or when the moon rises at night.

Tratak can be performed on the setting or rising sun. Do not stare at the sun, unless it is low on the horizon (sunrise or sunset), this is very dangerous and should not be done without expert guidance.You need to start with one second only in the morning and evening,when Sun is just rising or setting, and increase it by a second every day .Please google Sun Yoga for more inf.

Sit down on a riverbank or raised ground where you can see the current of water for a long distance. Practice Tratak on the water. The eyes should remain steadily fixed on one spot; they should not move along the waves.

The first step on the path of spirituality is to bring the mind under the conscious control and make it useful. Tratak shows us that the eyes are the instruments by which the mind and the soul are reached.( It was Dr. Stephen LaBerge who scientifically proved that dream eyes and real eyes are connected )The mind also goes within at the time of sleep, but it does not sleep. The mind which was active in the external world through the senses goes inside during sleep and sees the pictures of its inner experiences and impressions. Moving the dream eyes moves external eyes, so the signalling from the subconscious world is possible.

The brain has several centers which are connected with the optic nerves. These centers receive information through the optic nerves and send out commands. Many of these centers are asleep or inactive. Tratak does not merely increase the function of perception. Through the medium of perception, the centers of the brain which remain inactive in an ordinary person are awakened. During practice of Tratak, the subconscious mind gets activated and it is possible that some repressed memories and traumas may surface.

Alpha waves are often seen in a relaxed individual with eyes closed. Normally the alpha rhythm is blocked when the eyes are opened.

During Trataka alpha activity not only persisted but also increased slightly. The visual stimuli could not block the alpha rhythm as they became less sensitive to the external stimulation.

The increase in alpha activity is an indication of pleasant mood, less mental disturbance, absorptive, high state of one-pointedness and no fluctuation of ideas or thrusts in the mind of the practitioners.

A shift of autonomic balance from sympathetic to parasympathetic predominance was indicated and diminution in central activity shuts out the inner and outer world of the practitioner, and keeps him in a state of alert awareness, which may lead to higher state in meditation.

The unconscious mind stimulates specific bio-electrochemical reactions according to the type of the visuals perceived by it. These reactions affect the entire body.

Experimental research of Dr. Lasslie M. Lecron from USA also proved that the flame of a lamp or a candle has significant applications in psychological and psychiatric healing.

Tratak is a very simple and effective technique with multidimensional benefits at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.