There I stood and faced the coals

                                                   Fearing for my gentle soles

                                         Then started with my left foot first

                                                   Thirsting for better, dousing the worst

                                          And paced on through till the end.


                                          I share the secret with the amber

                                                     In oath I’ve sworn not to surrender

                                          Since facts are lovingly revealed

                                                     To those in need of truths annealed

                                           And upon whose wealth these deeds depend.


                                           Likewise can be claimed by you

                                                           By choosing an identical view

                                            Just disbelieve what you’ve been told

                                                           Assume the risk of being bold

                                             And let the fire be your friend.


                                                                            Dedicated to Ivan Kos


                                                                            Dwayne Poloway, Edmonton, Alberta