Seven Points of Power

  1. Love unconditionally
  2. Pay attention
  3. Never fear
  4. Speak the truth
  5. Ask for what you want
  6. Take responsibility for your experience
  7. Keep agreements


*** Love is the greatest power in the Universe, even though most of the time it does not seem so. We talk about it, we sing about it, we fantasize about it, but none of us can say with certainty what love is. It appears to be some kind of spiritoid, lofty emotion.

Love definitely has its chemical counterparts. But there are thousands of loves. Some people love women, some men, some chocolate, some parachuting, food, drugs, etc., etc. Most of the time we perceive love as something we need.

This is a biggest screw-up, for we always need more. It is never enough.

Love is giving, not taking. When we give unconditionally nothing bad can happen.

Love is being one with. It is a tendency to unify instead to separate. Brain separates, heart unites. Can we feel what they feel, and what is happening inside them? Can we see ourselves in the other person? Can we love them as they are? If not, we are pretending. We need something.

True love cannot exist without other.

Any love has a chemical and energetic base and we need to know what things are. But just knowing what love is, is not enough. Understanding is not enough. We need to take empty words and infuse them with feeling and true understanding. Feel what is happening to them now!

Love is made up of beautiful, precious moments!

Produce the moments of love as often as possible. Become a producer of love instead consumer. Fill in the future with them.  Ask yourself; what would be an act of love NOW? Just put yourself in the other person’s position and feel it.

***Paying attention, having intent is the most powerful thing you can do. It is said that if you concentrate your intention 100 %, the Universe does not have any choice but to comply. But how many of us can position ourselves on the edge of creation and uncreation and execute that?!

Pay attention at all times. Pay attention to your thoughts and how they affect you. What makes you feel good, and what was the thought that caused you to contract, so you don’t feel good. Pay attention to your emotions. Pay attention when you eat, think, speak, walk, etc. Pay attention to your environment and at the same time to yourself. Start to cultivate the awareness of who you are. Split attention, double-arrowed attention is one of the most important exercises that you can do every second for the rest of your life.

*** F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real). Fear comes in million “sizes”. Everything that we do not do perfectly is the result of some fear. If we are made of light, of absolute pure energy, what is there to fear? Fear freezes us mentally, emotionally and physically. Fears come from past programing and projections into the future. In present things just are, there is nothing to fear. As a matter of fact, if our mind is totally in the present, as our body always is, fear is impossibility. Negative thoughts create corresponding chemistry; positive thoughts and emotions produce positive chemistry. Universe likes brave people.

*** As human beings we put a lot of emphasis on speaking the truth. When you speak the truth you align yourself internally with an enormous energy; you create the internal harmony and peace of mind. You learn how to trust yourself, which is essential when you start to consciously create the reality you want to live in. In the situations where the truth won’t cause the love or healing, it is best to remain silent, but in all other situations speak the truth. Lies take enormous amounts of your life force to uphold.

***Learning to ask for what you want is the first step to getting all your needs and desires fulfilled. Many people are afraid to ask for what they want because they fear rejection. Remember you are the source of the reality you live in. If in the past you have experienced rejection, look at the thoughts and feelings that caused it and change them. Soon life will treat you differently. Early in the morning, as soon as you wake up, go over in your mind what you want your day to be like.

***Do not blame anybody, especially not yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and your experiences. It is your actions, hopefully conscious, that will determine your future.

***Try not to make any promises, but when you do, keep them. Not keeping your promises takes a tremendous toll on your life force (ki, chi, prana, mana, ruach , vril, nayatoneyah, baraka, etc).You become weaker by the day.

When you start to keep your agreements in the external world, you also start keeping them internally. Thus, when using affirmations or setting intentions, you know they will come to pass, because you have internal integrity.

To break an agreement and this happens more often than we would like to admit, just acknowledge consciously that it was broken and this will bring them back into harmony with yourself. Do this only if the agreement is impossible to fulfill.