All the knowledge in the world is not any good if you cannot remember it. There would be no value in learning if you forgot and then have to relearn the same thing all over again.

The memory expresses organization, forgetfulness expresses disorganization of the self.

“Memories are the cabinet of imagination the treasury of reason, the registry of conscience, and the Council chamber of thought.” – Basil the Great

Unconscious mind functions on yet even deeper level of inherited memories, which Carl Jung called ‘collective unconscious’ and contains the entire evolutionary history of man from the very beginning of the mankind itself.

The subconscious mind is literally responsible for over 99.9% of your everyday thoughts, feelings, motivations, desires, prejudices, anxieties, tensions, illnesses, personality problems, social state, and daily behavior.

“Memory performs the impossible for man; it holds together past and present and gives continuity and dignity to the human life. This is the companion, this is the tutor, the poet, the library, with which you travel.”- Mark van Doren

One fundamental Law of Memory is; the conscious mind cannot remember anything.

Most people strain the conscious mind to recall things, when in fact only the subconscious mind can remember. Our conscious mind can and does initiate the recall but it cannot remember what happened just a split second ago. It must always go to the unending ocean of memories contained in the subconscious mind for recall.

Memory has remained an elusive mystery because it is impossible to isolate the faculty of memory in anatomical tissue, memory is not, and never has been localized in flesh. Memory has no limits; the subconscious mind has unlimited capacity to store memories.

“There is no such a thing as ultimate forgetting, traces once impressed upon the memory are indestructible.” – Thomas DeQuincey

Our subconscious mind is the ceaseless “manufacturer” of memories. Our mind can never stop recording even during the deep sleep. Our subconscious mind always automatically records and remembers every experience permanently, regardless if it is perceived consciously or unconsciously.

Every perception is preserved in the minutest detail and it continues to exist and is always in the present. Every experience is permanently stored in your subconscious mind; everything you have ever been exposed to is alive now in your memory, and that includes prenatal, and even primordial memories. Your memory span is infinite, your memories always instantly available, always present, always now, always here, always total, always perfect.

And not only that, your mind is accurately keeping a record of every sensory sensation present at all times, as well as your feelings and thoughts, and in the sequence of their occurrence. Further proof of the infallibility of your memories that under hypnosis and the suggestion your mind plays back instantly vivid details of childhood events that you no longer remember. Upon a command you can recall any thought or feeling you have ever experienced in your lifetime including prenatal memories. This simply means that your subconscious mind has hundred percent memory right now of everything that ever happened.

Memories are authentic  extrasensory perception, you do not have to be born with it nor can you ever develop it; this extrasensory perception is ever present and is a natural function of your mind that can only be released.

It is very important that when an idea comes to you immediately write it down wherever you are, regardless of how insignificant or ridiculous it may at first appear to be. What at first appears to be a foolish idea may eventually prove to be extremely viable. Remember, nothing evaporates into the ether quicker than a genuine idea that has made itself known to you by the process of intuition.

Every human being possesses memories spanning the entire evolutionary history of a man. The memory of the entire human race is available to those individuals who consciously seek to free themselves from all limiting concepts. Such a Spirit Voyager, if liberated from the false assumptions taken for granted by our culture, would have an instant knowledge and skills bordering on supernatural. Proper understanding of the function of our own mind is all that is necessary.

“Pure memories are spiritual manifestation. With memory we are in the domain of the Spirit. Any attempt to derive pure memory from an operation of the brain should reveal a radical illusion. Itself an image, the body cannot store up images. Since it forms a part of the images, this is why it’s useless enterprise to seek to localize past or even present perception in the brain; they are not in it; it is the brain that is in them” – Henry Bergerson.

Some researchers go as far as claiming we use less than 1/10 of 1% of our innate potential to think, feel, and act.

The major problem of life is the ignorance of who and what we really are.